Sunday, July 22, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

My sister just posted this:"Hello to all and this is just a quick update on my life right now. My dad has taken a sudden turn this morning and his body is shutting down. The only thing we can do for him now is to keep oxygen in him to make him comfortable and be there for him when he passes. I was at the home all day, but unfortunately I had to come to my moms house to take care of the animals and make sure the homefronts are taken care of too.Please put your prayers out there that God will take him soon so that he won't have to suffer any longer. And I need them for my mom too for being not only the most awesome mother around, but the wonderful loving, dedicated wife and partner for my dad. She needs special prayers to help her get through this."Actually, he is our step dad, but that doesn't make the prayer request any less urgent. :( My mom definitely needs lots of prayer. So does my sister who is there with her.)


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AJ said...

hi, melanie...i always see your sweet postings on zach gehring's journal,so i thought i would check-out yours, too & then i read your prayer request for your step-father...i just wanted you to know that i'm lifting up a prayer for you, your step-father, mother & sister...i pray that God's peace will fall over you all & that His love will pour into your hearts. God bless you.