Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This Providence

If you haven't already figured it out, this is one in a long line of stories in the memoirs of Melanie's concert adventures. As usual, the toughest place is knowing where to start, so perhaps the best place after all is the very beginning. (How's that for a corny intro?) LOL
Tuesday the plan was to go to work sometime between 10-10:30 a.m. On the way I was going to stop at Smith's and quickly pick up some vitamin water for the band and then work for 4 hours before heading out to Salt Lake City to see This Providence. That was the plan, anyway. As is frequently the case, plans get waylaid. What actually happened was that I did stop at Smith's. They were almost out of the vitamin water I planned to purchase, and it was on the top shelf, and I'm not so tall, so it took a bit longer to take care of my "short" errand on the way to work, but that was accomplished and I headed for work. I wanted to be there by 10 a.m., but 10:15 worked out just fine. Traffic was pretty good for the most part, and I indeed did arrive at 10:15. The parking lot was pretty full so it took forever to find a spot, but I found one. I grabbed some things that shouldn't get hot out of the car, and headed in the door in a bit of a hurry. Now, I have to scan my badge to get in the door, and my badge is no where to be found. I know I had it because I also had to scan it to get into the parking lot. I traced my route, checked my car, emptied my purse twice, walked to the parking lot entrance, and finally to the guard shack. As it turned out, someone found it by the door and turned it in. I have no idea how they missed frantic me looking for it, but I can almost picture someone picking it up as I drop it and gleefully heading off to turn it in. But, I was relieved that it had been found. An hour later, very hot and sweaty, I make it into work and managed to put in 3 (rather than 4) hours. I hopped in the car and headed for Salt Lake City and Studio 600.
I arrived at the venue somewhere between 3 and 3:15, and I was following a white van and trailer. I figured it was one of the bands. It had New Jersey plates, and as it turned out, the band Paulson was from New Jersey. I saw them in the left lane and was afraid they were going to make the mistake I did the first time I went to the Club. It's on the far right, but they changed lanes at the last, turned right at the light and went around the back. I found a great spot right in front of the venue. I was, of course, the only one there for the concert that wasn't working or in one of the bands, or a dancer or something. So, I waited with all my "goodies" by the door. I held the door so someone could carry things out, and waited for Lauralee to arrive.
While I was waiting, I was asked if I wanted to wait inside, and I definitely didn't turn that offer down. It was rather warm out there. LOL It was, however, very nice inside. I was able to see Sean and give him the things I brought, and told him that Lauralee was bringing more. Sean said, "Oh yea, I forgot this was Utah." LOL When Lauralee arrived I asked if she could come in and wait, and she was let in as well. We had a good time chatting, watching the bands set up and talking to Sean and David and a little bit to Dan. I always feel like such a loafer watching everyone else and wishing I could help, though. LOL We found out that This Providence was supposed to alternate headlining and we'd get to hear them as the headliners. It didn't end up working out that way, but we were excited about it for a little bit. LOL
It didn't really seem all that long before it was time for the show to start. I didn't even notice at first that the doors had opened and people were starting to come in until Lauralee pointed it out. Oops! :) So, we took our spots by the stage and waited. The band Paulson played first, and I really enjoyed their set quite a lot. I decided to buy their cd. I took photos as I usually do. Paulson ended their set (all good things must come to an end?) and June set up to play next. I was able to take pics of the drummers during set up, so I think I have some good drummer shots this time around. I'm still going through pics. June also put out a good set, and I took quite a few photos of them. It went by quickly and the next band set up to play. Lauralee said, "This Providence" is playing now - so they weren't headlining after all. I had to empty one of my cf cards for photos, so while they set up, that's what I did. I think it finished just before This Providence started to play, so the timing was good. They played two of their older songs and songs from their more recent cd. I went to the far side of the stage to take a photo and as I was heading back to my original place someone asked me if I knew if they were going to play "Beautiful Rescue" so I told her that I really didn't, but the video was coming out soon. LOL Just as I got back to the other side, they played Beautiful Rescue, right on cue. ;) AT one point in the show, this guy got on stage and was going a little crazy. Then he jumped into the crowd. I took a pic, but it happened kinda quick and I don't think I had it on autofocus, so the pics turned out rather fuzzy. Then we all were pretty much singing along to "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" - at least I was. It was over too soon. :( LOL Then it was time for A Change of Pace to set up. I decided to take pics for a couple of songs and then just go to the back and get a tee or something. I had a difficult time getting pics as the lighting changed and the crowd got a little crazy. I do think I got a few, though.
Anyway, I bought a This Providence tee, the Paulson CD and a June ep. June had a few really cute tees, and I asked about writing a check, but then chickened out because I spent a little much. I felt bad about having the merch guy check into it and then changing my mind.
O.K. This novel is getting rather lengthy... suffice it to say that Lauralee and I took turns taking pics with Dan, and then Sean and later the whole band and talking to them as we could. I pretty much chatted everyone's ear off. I'm really bad about that after shows. I think it's adrenaline or something. ... that and the feeling that you have to say it now because who knows when next time will be? Something...
Some highlights of the after concert are David's Michael Jackson imitation, talking to Sean about just about everything, hugs, and the after concert "acrobatics." I have absolutely no idea what to call it or even how to adequately describe it, so there are a few pics in my photo album (and more on my site) if you want to see. When This Providence comes, I always end up laughing lots after the show, and as they say, "laughter is the best medicine". I am still tired after working days, and being up late, as usual, but it was worth it.

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