Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Hubby & Me

I was going through some things left behind when my daughter moved. There were a lot of binders and unused school materials and tucked in that pile were her poems from the 11th grade. I ran across this one and I had to "giggle." I just asked her permission to post it so here it is:

Off in the distance,
Melanie saw his bald head,
Shining like the sun,
Attracting her attention
For reasons unknown.
He looks to her,
Wondering why she stares.
Then he realizes it's from his lack of hair.
They approach each other,
A little embarassed
As she asks him
If he "knows where his hair is?"
He shakes his head "no"
And they share a giggle,
As they walk away talking
Little by little.

She said her teacher really liked it. I know she's written better things, but this will probably still be a favorite of mine. LOL


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