Saturday, July 21, 2007

Creation West or bust?

Where has July gone?
I really can't believe that July is nearly over already. There are good things happening at the end of July, and many things that need to be done. For one thing, I'm heading off to Creation West on July 24 in hopes of being to the Gorge bright and early on July 25. I'm not ready. It doesn't really help matters too much when you think you have 2 weeks left to prepare and suddenly realize it's only 6 days, then 5, now 4..... and the time just keeps slipping away. But my prayer is always that things will work out in God's perfect timing, and that is one prayer that has always been answered, no matter how much I worry or stress. God is faithful. I wish I were that dependable. :)
I have much to do, that's why I'm on here trying to pscyh myself up to start. Procrastinating is so much easier, and I need to wake up a bit or that's what I tell myself. I suppose the shower I need to take would do the same thing? LOL
Today I need to empty my trunk of all the magazines I put there yesterday from my daughter's salon, and a few things from my home in the recycle bin in the local store parking lot, finish packing, check out storage for my daughter's salon stations, find a rental truck, make a trek to Salt Lake City & Toole, and maybe clean around here a bit.
As you may have gathered, we are closing my daughter's salon. In some ways, it's rather hard on me as I so wanted it to succeed, but it is undercapitalized and while she did really rather well building clientele who are quite loyal, the business could not succeed with out booth rentals, and none of us knew how to go about advertising booth availability nor did we have the resources. People left, no one took their place. The last day is the end of July. It's a long way from being moved, and my daughter set the date for Tuesday... the day I'm leaving.
It's the end of July, and I'm not quite ready.
But I'm excited for new adventures just the same.
Pray for me -- I need it. :) I can think of a million other people who need the prayer more than I do, but if you happen to give me a thought during your busy day and say a prayer, I'd be grateful just the same.
God's blessings,Melanie

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