Sunday, December 03, 2006

Theological issues and my viewpoint

I really had not intended to post about my faith and doctrines quite so much, but I was listening to my pastor speak this morning. The pastor was talking about hope, and hope that is real and not based on just wishful thinking. He mentioned the difficulty one translater had in translating the word for faith into a particular language. He did give the particular language and the name of the translator, and I suppose I should have had a pen handy to jot it down, but by the time I found a pen it had long passed.

At any rate, the translater settled on a word that means to lay one's whole weight upon something (or someone.) At that point my thoughts diverged a bit from the morning's sermon and the following hit me:

If we lay our whole weight on Christ, then Christ will take the whole weight of the load. Then he oft times will lay those things that we need to do something about back onto our hearts. We place our cares on him, and he shares with us. It's a sort of a communication. In other words, it is a relationship. I think that is what is missing in a lot of religion - this sort of relationship with our Lord and our Savior. I think he longs for that sort of relationship with us. We need it.

"I wanna be Your hands I wanna be Your feet I'll go where You send me I'll go where You send me I'll be Your hands I'll be Your feet I'll go where You send me I'll go where You send me And I try, yeah I tryTo touch the world like You touched my life An I'll find my way To be Your hands"

Taken from Hands & Feet, Audio Adrenaline, Underdog cd.

Anyway, there is a power in just wishful thinking or just hoping that something will happen even when it is not solidly based in reality. It is just so much more powerful when you can have faith - trust in something that is real. And the results can be astounding.

God's blessings,

The next blog will probably be about music. LOL

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