Thursday, December 21, 2006

Children's games, first revision

Children's games

Now You see me, now You don't
I cover my eyes and I disappear
One eye peeking through my fingertips
Are You there?

I touch You and run away
I can feel the distance growing
Are You there?
You chase after me
Why do I run so hard? What am I afraid of?

Now I'm looking for a place to hide
searching, searching
But where can I go?
I'm spending too much time in the shadows
But You can see me all along
Like a father waiting patiently for his child to come to him.

I tug on the rope with all my might
I pull too hard and my hands hurt
I let go too soon and I fall
Am I too bold or not bold enough?

Like a child I tiptoe across the railings
Afraid of listing to one side or the other lest I should fall
Who will be there to catch me?

Am I playing spiritual games?
Do I try too hard, or is the problem that it's me doing the trying?
The center of my universe is crumbling.

Tell me how to grow up.

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