Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to do a lot and not accomplish much, part 2

I will have to keep this kinda short and sweet if I plan to get any rest. LOL

Sunday was a busy day as well. I got up early after a night of sorting and uploading some photos and headed for church. I got there a few minutes late, but at a good time just before announcements. I found a place to sit and prepared to worship and listen to the pastor speak as I do most Sundays. Our church goes through sections of scripture at a time and we were at the end of Ephesians and talking about Spiritual armor. The pastor was pretty detailed about what the armor of the day included, how it was worn, and it's function which helped to relate it to the scriptures more clearly. I always love it when the historical background, and original word meanings are brought in.

Soon the service was over, and I found out that we were having a fundraising lunch for the American Cancer Society. So, I stayed for lunch, had a good time of fellowship with friends. The food was outstanding! :) I didn't get much in the way of pics since I was not at church the Sunday before, and wasn't aware anything special was going on. I tried a few cell phone pics, but for some reason everything came out really blurry so I need to figure out why now. After the lunch, I stayed a bit longer to help clean-up.

At 5 p.m. my daughter was having a "non-baby shower" baby shower. She didn't want the usual games (and she didn't even have the cake, which kinda surprised me.) It was also guys and gals. There was more good food and barbeque chicken. The watermelon and cantaloupe were the best, too!! They were really good.

Mostly everyone just visited, went outside for a bit, came in to cool off a bit, enjoyed the food, and Bethany opened gifts. I spent a lot of the time taking lots of photos. Some of them even turned out somewhat decent. LOL

Finally I came home and went through photos again, until probably way too late, and then went to bed. Even though it was pretty late, it was earlier than usual. :)

SO, now I need to catch sleep again as I've been up really, really late (or early depending on how one looks at the am hours.) My nights are seriously twisted.

Tomorrow will be a long day, with my lack of sleep... but I will be furloughing at the end of the shift tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a break, and getting the house a bit more child proof before I have a granddaughter to test the limits. LOL

Peace out,

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