Monday, June 29, 2009

How to do a lot and not accomplish much?

It's been a good weekend, albeit a very long one.

Friday night I was grateful do have finished out another week at work. It just seemed like the longest week ever and I was getting pretty tired. I really am ready to furlough, although I hung on for hopefully a few more weeks worth of pay. I could have volunteered last week, and sometimes wonder why I didn't. I know why, it's just the way I feel. I have no idea how people do this job for an entire year, as it's pretty hard on the hands repetitive-motion-wise. The chairs need a serious overhaul, which isn't helping.

O.K. enough of the gripe session diversion. LOL

I got home Friday and got on facebook. The plan Saturday was to head out to Friendship Park in Ogden to see Josh Gracin in a free concert. I'd known about the free concert for more than a month, but really hadn't checked on anything about it for a while, and I find out that the concert is free, but you have to have a ticket. I figured I would have to just stay home (which is probably what I should do soon.) But I really didn't want to miss it. I'm bad that way. Then I remembered that my Zune had a radio on it so I tuned it to 104.3 "The Cowboy". I don't normally listen to a lot of country, so it was interesting to say the least. Some of the music they played was crossover and I actually liked it. Some of it was pretty corny, and I had a good chuckle over that. I stayed up a long time waiting for a ticket giveaway location thinking it was probably pointless as I would be too tired to drive anywhere to pick it up. So about 7:45ish, they finally say that tickets would be at Ogden Athletic Center at 10 a.m. My husband woke up and I mentioned the whole thing to him. I had said I might just stay home, but I really did want to go, and he said he was going to Sears (out that direction) and he would take me. So, I figured it was kismet, since he doesn't offer too often. (He usually will if I ask, but I didn't want to ask it of him.) So, I slept 30 mins. and we headed over to South Ogden, and I got my ticket. Then I came home and slept for about 3-1/2 hrs. before dragging myself out of bed and heading over to the park.

When I arrived at Friendship Park about 4:45 or so and "parked" the car. I got my things together and got in line. I couldn't believe how packed out some people were - multiple coolers on roller carts, blankets, things to do. I would never want to cart all that around. LOL We were standing under the Macey's tent (local grocery chain) and they were handing out salt water taffy and otter pops. I was good and resisted even though I love salt water taffy. I killed time by chatting some (not the chattiest bunch, much prefer younger people at an indie rock show, lol) and taking pics of various things.

Don't get me wrong, most people were pretty nice, just not chatty. Eventually, they moved us over into one straight line, and waited some more. I also found out that the 400-500 or so chairs were reserved seating, and it was all "VIP". You basically had to be lucky to work for the right employer or know someone. Us lowly general admission folks were way, way back behind two barricades, and dead center was blocked by the sound booth. I settled in at the front of the barricade to the left not too far from a Marine's booth.

Eventually, I was joined by a young man who took it upon himself to help out security when people stopped in front of us in the walk way between the two barricades. It was pretty funny. He would holler at people to move and if they ignored him, he'd jump over the barricade and get security. The security guys were all wearing jersey's and were from the Vipers team. I'm not sure they'd worked concert security before, but they did start clearing the area pretty good after the guy next to me hopped over the barricade a few times.

Finally the show started with a local band called Outrageous. They played old 60-70's style music. They weren't bad, not outstanding, but listenable. Good vocals for the most part, but something missing or maybe too much of something ... not quite sure what.

After Outrageous played, there was a bit of a time for Josh Gracin to set up. My heart sank when I watched them putting down set lists. I wonder if anyone got them or if they were just tossed.. so close, but so far away. Then Josh finally came on stage to raucous applause. I heard someone say there were about 7000 people. There might have been, but I doubt it, even though it was a good-sized crowd. It was a huge field, so I suppose it's possible.

Anyway, Josh came out and proceeded to put on an amazing show, and I did my best to take pics with my 200mm lens. I tried to use the barricade to steady the camera, but unfortunately there was a little boy who pretty much sat and and wiggled it all night, so mostly I couldn't do that. For some reason I have difficulty getting a long shot in focus either auto or manual. Some of the pics are pretty decent shots if you don't enlarge them too much. I really missed not being in the animated crowd at the stage. I like being more interactive, and Josh is very interactive in his live shows. I saw him a few years back at Teaser's in Ogden. Like I said, I'm not the hugest country fan, but I really like Josh, great performer and amazing voice.

Then there were fireworks! Utah is big on fireworks. :) So I took some snapshots of them. Suprisingly, some of them turned out decent.

After the concert, I was starting to leave and security was trying to direct me (kind of directing me with into oblivion since I would have run smack into the autograph table.) I didn't even know. LOL So I went back and got in line, bought a tee and photo and had the photo autographed. I told Josh it was a lot warmer than when he was here at Teaser's (it was freezing!) He laughed and said, "Yea" and then added, "That was a long time ago." I asked him if he ever got a fan scrapbook since I sent two pages in for it, and if he ever got it he doesn't remember. I left and stood to the side and blinded everyone with the stupid flash (strobe is annoying on the Canon 20D) and finally headed out, taking a few pics along the way.

I killed enough time that a lot of the traffic had cleared (which was my plan) and waited in my car a little longer before heading home. Somehow I made it. I was beat, but took a look a the pics before heading for bed.

***end of the longest weekend and blog, part 1 - part 2 tonight, stay tuned.) LOL

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