Friday, June 12, 2009

May showers bring June Flowers and other things

I can't believe it's already June! The weather has been warmer, but it's also been one of the wettest Junes I remember for this area. We've had a week of mild thunderstorms. My son has been visiting this week, and we decided that he brought the stormy weather with him, although, if the truth be told, week before last had a bit of rain as well. Still, he left early this morning and there was not a cloud in the sky, so one has to wonder. LOL Normally, I wouldn't mind the rain and all, but I have a few tomato plants that will never get planted if it doesn't stop raining long enough; and I have a convertible that needs a new roof. I'm sure getting the roof fixed will stop the storms altogether. Doesn't it usually work that way?

At any rate, last weekend, I finally made it out to take some pics from my landscape.

My son came up for a visit, the first time since we've moved to UT, and the only complaint was that it was just far too short. I wish we could have had a weekend, so I could have had an entire day. Fortunately, my husband had the week off.
While we were out to buy a wireless router, Ed and Nathan spotted an e-machine for $349 and decided it might be a good way to get me a little better computer economically. We went back the next day and took a closer look, and I ended up with a Gateway for $509. It's got 4 gigs of memory, a quad core processor, and a 320 gig hard drive. IT also has built in card readers, which is quite cool, and 6 USB ports. It screams compared to what I had. This gave Ed and Nathan a project for some father/son bonding time. Now I just have the long process of restoring all of my programs to the new computer. LOL

Yesterday we had lunch in Salt Lake City at Macaroni Grill, and the food and service were great. So much for behaving in regards to fat content, though. I felt like I gained 5 pounds walking into the place. LOL I have to admit loving it, though. They did have caffeine free diet Coke, which was awesome since I really wanted something besides water. Then we drove over to the Gateway, so I could show him our huge outdoor mall and the Olympic fountain. It was getting late, and even though I took two hours off work to visit, we needed to beat rush hour traffic back. We opted to just drive through the mall, since Nathan's not particularly into the mall thing anyway.

While Nathan was here, I insisted that he let me take some pics. Us moms love to torture our sons, right? I think he definitely equates having his pic taken with torture. LOL But here are a couple of shots from the experience:

Before we went out to check the exposures, I took a few pics from the yard again:

Somewhere along the way, I made Nathan pose again with me, and with Ed:

Nathan is now on his long trek back to Sacramento, and I'm on my way back to sleep before I have to head off for work. TGIF. :)

Peace out,

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