Thursday, May 22, 2008


Tonight I came home from work and headed for the computer to check my e-mail. What I found there had me totally and quite literally shaking.

As some may know, I was privileged to help cater at Steven Curtis Chapman's concert here in February (check out my Feb. blogs.) I never really got to talk to Steven during the day. He waved at me once, and I held the door open.. that's about it. However, I did get to meet both of his sons and have a short conversation. I thought they were really nice kids (yea, to me they're kids.) ;) Will plays drums for his dad, and his brother Caleb plays guitar.

For those that are unaware, Steven has adopted three precious girls from China. The youngest was 5. In a very tragic turn of events, Steven's teenaged son (none of the articles mention a name) was backing out of the driveway in an SUV and he apparently did not see the youngest girl Maria and he hit her. She was taken to the hospital where she died of her injuries. I almost cannot type this without crying. And it has left me shaken.

All this to ask you to keep the Chapman family in your prayers. I cannot imagine anything harder to deal with in my life. All my problems seem so small by comparison. It is obvious how much this little girl was loved by her mom & dad, and her brothers and sisters, and I am almost at a total loss for words. :(

God's peace to you all.



AJ said...

Oh Father, comfort this family. Please blanket them with Your love and peace that surpasses all understanding. Rock them gently in Your arms. Heal them tenderly.

Andrea said...

I feel so bad for the son that backed up the car. he must be going through a tough time.