Monday, May 12, 2008

The rest of the story...

After my mishap on the freeway, I had a tow truck dispatched. It was supposed to take about an hour to arrive. I had to talk Chevron's tow service into it since it hadn't been cleared by the Highway Patrol yet, but they did. So, when a sherif arrived 30 minutes later (I thought no one was going to show up by that time), and told me that it would be quicker I debated. He pretty much encouraged me to let them call someone and in my shaken state I acquiesced. What I wasn't told was that the dispatched tow truck was planning to tow my car to a yard, and that if I wanted it towed home it would cost me $120 in cash. I was sorry I cancelled my dispatched tow truck. The UHP that arrived after the sherif pretty much told me I had to because my car couldn't stay there. Of course, my car HAD to be towed right then even though there was another car that was already on the side of the road not far away sticking out more than I was. It could wait to be towed, apparently. Had I the presence of mind at the time I would have suggested they tow that one. But, I was shaken, more than a little disoriented, and a girl with a mission. I was still going to the show. You know, the show must go on. LOL

So, after I was cited for improper lane travel (this is a joke, right? LOL), I got into my husband's car and headed for home. We arrived at home. The tow truck driver wanted to drop my car off on the street. My husband insisted he put it in the driveway. It was a good thing. The suspension was broken. Moving it off the street would have been a nightmare.

I was watching the time. I can still make it if... I can still make it. I'd been looking forward to seeing Vedera, The Myriad and Eisley for months, and I don't give up easily. I looked in my pocket to retrieve the ticket I put in my pocket after the accident and it had vanished. I tried to stay calm, printed up a receipt and hoped for the best. I had enough to repurchase just in case, but wanted to buy merch with that money. I convinced my husband to drive me to Salt Lake City. I said somehow I'd find a way home. Twice on the way down we were almost hit by cars, we ran into traffic (an accident worse than mine), etc., but we made it to the venue. I expected a long line since it was only 15 mins. until the doors opened, but there were probably only 25 or so people ahead of me. My husband parked the car on the side road. As I got out of the car, Steven of The Myriad was walking towards me. I think he recognized me and he smiled and said "hi" and I said "hi". I started a conversation and told him what happened and about the ticket. He said he'd see if I could still be put on the guest list. Then I asked if he would do me a favor and take some cereal to Eisley, and he said "Let's see if they are on the bus" and he walked with me to the bus. Boyd came out and I handed the cereal to I think Chauntelle. Boyd said he could smell the cereal. I was thanked lots. :) I was still kinda out of it. LOL Boyd was told what was going on and he walked with me to the front and then made sure I was on the guest list. Everyone was so nice. I finally was able to relax a little. My right side hurt a but, but I was doing o.k. I was glad it wasn't a pushy crowd. I found a spot on the right of the stage right under Steven's keyboard. Then I started chatting with people around me. The guy behind me I had seen at a previous show and we talked a bit. I told him about the accident. He probably heard me tell a few others. I bet he was tired of that story by the time the night was over. LOL Then there was a conversation with a group that waited for police two hours because they had an accident just down the street from the venue. One of them is on the Eisley boards. SO I wondered what the odds were of us both having accidents on the way, and then to end up standing right next to one another.

Finally it was time for the show to start and Vedera played. I had been listening to their cd a good part of the week, and was looking forward to hearing them play. I had seen them twice before, once opening for Mae, and another time opening for Mute Math at Kilby Court. They did not disappoint. I was really pleased to hear track 4 on the cd, which I love. The crowd gave them a good reception and the set up began for The Myriad. I have to say I really love those guys. I had seen them open for David Crowder Band in Boise in October, and I was totally impressed. I'm still impressed. It was a great set. I had a pretty good view of Steven's feet the whole time. Actually, they were kinda fun to watch. His feet really get into the music. LOL Well, part of the time he was playing guitar and I could see his face then. It was a treat to hear them play Grandfather Clock in full, and a lot of songs I've come to love over the last few months. I was soooooo happy to be there. Too soon their set came to an end.

But there was still plenty of good music to come. Eisley was next. I think it is the best I've heard Eisley sound, and I've seen them play a few times before. I could hear the vocals really well. Sherri's vocals were even a bit loud on the first song, but I was loving it. :) It seemed to go by so quickly, but they played a good, long set. Afterwards, I managed to get a set list. An Eisley set list is always something I love as they always have artwork, and are always pretty. :) Most everyone else that was looking for anything had their minds set on guitar pics. I had what I loved getting the most. :)

I put my camera gear away and headed for the merch tables. I talked to The Myriad for a while and showed Jonathan that I had my Copeland hoodie on. :) I purchased a tee shirt and the new cd, had the cd autographed, and pretty much talked to everyone except Steven. Steven and John left, but I had a photo taken with Jeremy, John Roger & Randy. I was laughing that last time I saw them my ticket was left at home and this time it was lost. I joked that one of these days I'd make it to one of their shows with my ticket. Last time two of the guys left before I could get a photo, same this time. (Someday I'll get a pic with Steven.) Then I went over to Vedera's merch table and bought an adorable blue tee with the life cycle of a monarch butterfly on it. Then I asked to have a pic taken. They consented. Then I realized I didn't have the right lens in and had to try to swap with one hand. One of the guys held everything for me and they were quite patient with me. :) The pics turned out cute, too. I knew Kristen's name, but not everyone else's, so we did introductions. They were some of the nicest people ever, and I was so happy to make a formal acquaintance. :)

After pics, I went to Eisley's table and saw Zane. I was glad I remembered his name. I asked if it was too late, and he said "no". I bought the "rabbit" Eisley tee in navy and took a pic of Zane. He said he wasn't anyone important, and I corrected him on that one! :) Then I headed out the door and waited for my daughter. I rather had hoped to see Boyd and the Eisley clan around somewhere, but it wasn't to be this time. I saw Randy again and asked if he would thank Boyd for me. I waited quite a while for my daughter (she ran into traffic and it was late even) and played with my camera taking 2-3 second photos just to see what I'd get. Obviously they weren't sharp, and I deleted all except one which I kept as a memory.

Anyway, my daughter did finally arrive to pick me up and we stopped at a Taco Bell and headed for home.

It was one long day. I'm extremely happy I didn't miss the show. Now instead of just thinking of the accident, I at least have a fond memory.

And now I'm even more sore from all this typing!

Peace out,
Melanie the stunt ninja driver
(hahaha.. definitely not!) LOL


AJ said...

dear melanie (aka "the ninja stunt driver" :)), dude...i am soooo glad that after all that crazy trauma you were able to still have your heart's desires fulfilled! :) you are an inspirational woman..full of endless tenacity & heart!! p.s. love the avalon sign & the black and white pic of jeremy-great job! good to see jeremy again. do you know if he was able to bring his wife out this time? i've been praying for their finances so she could come too. luv & hugs to you superwoman! :)

Brett aka Benji said...

It's so funny to see pictures of all these people whom I now see every day. I'm going to read your story about the accident. I hope you're ok now.

Jena Rae said...

you have absolutly wonderful taste in music, i must say. i never tend to find anyone who loves mae as much as i do; nor do i find anyone who even knows who eisley is! i also saw the myriad at this small venue (if you can even call it that) in winslow new jersey, it was no bigger than the size of my living room, but it was great.

& i also love your photos, i'm saving up for a bit of a nicer camera at this point, but you've taken some great shots at these shows.

keep up the good work =)