Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm so far behind I can't see myself

I can't see how I am going to catch up. I am so far behind on so many things that's it's far easier to sit here and blog about it. LOL

At any rate, just wanted to say that I will try to catch up, maybe on Sunday afternoon. I have been to two concerts this week, a graduation and a baby shower(Congrats Corrie! and James & Anne) One of them was the Superchick, Disciple, KJ-52, Britt Nicole, Starlit Platoon concert where I worked catering and took photos. I will post something more detailed later, but suffice it to say the concert was good, and the people were some of the nicest. Last saturday I saw The New Frontiers along with Alive in Wild Paint and some great local artists. Thursday I see Eisly, The Myriad and Vedera which I am probably the most excited about as I totally love all three bands. :) Friday, I finally get to see Ernie Halter. I think I've been trying to hoping to see him live for 5 years. LOL Finally!!! Now, if I just don't get lost trying to get there.

My hard drive is full, so I'd better go and make some space so I can work on photos. Otherwise I won't be able to take pics, and I believe both Thurs./Friday I can use my SLR. Woo hoo!!! :)

Peace out,

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Andrea said...

I miss going to shows!! good thing i got to see jon foreman though. hehe