Monday, May 19, 2008

Cupcakes and Other Things

Cupcakes & Other Things
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Well, I decided it would be a good idea to make a white cake. Now I've made it from scratch before, but I wasn't planning anything that elaborate. I just had been craving some cake for some unknown reason and it sounded like it would be good. Besides, I've had two white cake mixes in the cupboards for what seems an eternity. It was time they were used.

So, I mixed up the cake mix (eating what was probably several cupcakes worth of batter in the process) and put a dozen cupcakes in the oven to bake. I even managed to put a load of dishes in the dishwasher. The recipe on the box cited 350 deg. as the recommended oven temp, but it seemed a tad hot, and sometimes my oven cooks a little on the hot side, so I decided to turn it down to 325. Then I headed downstairs with book in hand and proceeded to read the rest of The Five People You Meet in Heaven. (It's a bood book, btw.)

Usually from where I sit in the computer room, at my desk, I can start to smell things baking about the time they are ready to come from the oven. I didn't smell the cupcakes. I forgot about them. A good 45 minutes later my mind starts screaming, ""Cupcakes!" But then I was rather puzzled as I expected to smell something - something burning, but I didn't. I had no idea what I would find when I got to the top of the stairs. The cupcakes gratefully are not burnt. Oh, they are even maybe a little edible, but they more have more of the consistency of a cookie than a cupcake. So I have 12 rather "dry" and slightly crunchy cupcakes, but hey, they are not burnt. They aren't even too bad served with very vanilla soymilk.

Pardon me while I take the last three cupcakes out of the oven. Hey, three good cupcakes isn't bad. LOL After all, there are only two of us here.

Note to self: If the front door is open on a warm spring day, don't rely on smell to alert you to the fact that the cupcakes are done cooking. LOL

Peace out,


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Brittany Hates Her Name said...

haha thanks for the advice, Mel. :p

I love baking.

I usually only do it when I'm frustrated or avoiding something..

I didn't even realize I did that until my sister pointed it out one day..