Saturday, May 17, 2008

In case anyone is wondering

I'm still alive and kicking... albeit a bit to sore to do too much in that regard.
I pretty much stayed out of work all week, except for Tuesday when I stupidly decided to try and work 4 hours. My back was in knots. So, I went back to see my regular doctor. He took an x-ray to be on the safe side and prescribed a muscle relaxer. I believe it is the generic version of Flexaril(oh, I need to double-check the spelling on that one) for 5 mg. I took one and it pretty much knocked me out for 12 hours. I literally was too heavy to get out of bed. I think laying in bed too long isn't good, either. But I did have a lot of sleep. My back is less knotted in one spot, but it is kinda sore all over. I spent so much time on the heating pad this evening that I felt a bit like a piece of cooked meat. LOL Am I done yet? Sigh...

I think it's slowly getting a little better, but I probably should see a chiropractor or something.

I received a check from insurance for the car made out to me and the bank. That's going to be fun. My husband wants to do the work himself. Not sure how that's going to play out. he ordered parts that are supposed to be here by Tuesday. I definitely want the body work done by a shop.

At any rate, say a prayer for me. I am going to try and go back to work 1/2 day again on Monday, and I need to go to the courthouse and try to figure out how much the citation is going to set me back. Then I need to find a chiropractor and figure out how to fill out the personal injury papers for insurance.

Anyway, time for sleep. I still have a few adventures to blog about like finally seeing Ernie Halter live and meeting him face to face and pics from a great show in Orem.

Good night all.


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Andrea said...

Ill be praying for you! sorry im too late though. hhehe