Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had put in to get the day off work yesterday so that I could see Revive in concert.
I was denied. I normally help out in the kitchen for concerts at this venue with this promoter (People for Christ Ministry) so I offered to help until I had to leave for work. I not so secretly hoped the band would be timely and that sound check would be early. :)

I had my alarm set for 7:40 a.m., but I probably woke up hourly for some reason. It was rather annoying as I really needed some sleep. But finally 7:40 came, the alarm went off and I dragged my tired (and rather sleepless body) out of bed and proceeded to get the day going. I said a few prayers along the way.

I cleaned up a little, got dressed, took Mollie outside, and loaded the car.
The plan was to be there at 10 a.m. Then I was going to make homemade potato soup and get a few things ready for lunch. There as much to do as Subway had donated sandwiches for the event.

I left the house by 8:30 and headed for Smith's to get gasoline. Then I had to go inside and get two bags of ice because the one outside their gasoline area hadn't been restocked. This is what happens when one is in a hurry. LOL. Then I realized I had forgotton a pan I needed, so I drove the mile or so back home, got the pan and headed out to Salt Lake City. There was traffic, but it was moving well, and I arrived 15 minutes early. When I arrived I was really excited to see the bus had already arrived, so I figured they were all at the hotel. One wish fulfilled, one to go. :) Then I parked and started unloading my car.

Then a few others began to arrive. Eleanor started some Bear Creek Chicken Noodle, Paula diced an onion for me, and I peeled and cubed 10 lbs. of potatoes ,and started them boiling. Paula set up the tables and fruit bowls. I cut up seedless watermelon. IN the interim my pastor showed up and said he couldn't stay and asked if I'd pick him up a cd, so I said I would. The sandwiches arrived about 11:30. Things went rather smoothly, and everything was ready on time. About 12:10 we started to serve lunch, pretty much one or two at a time. Everyone was taking the chicken noodle. I tried to give it away. Ty (or was that Rich? I can't recall) came back and had some later in the afternoon. I hope he liked it. I think he had some just because he said he would, so that was pretty nice of him. LOL

Then something amazing happened... wish no. 2 was fulfilled. The started sound check. I didn't bring all my camera gear, just a point and shoot (and I hadn't had a chance to charge the batteries) and I ran to the car and grabbed it. Then I went in to listen. Let me say that Dave has an absolutely beautiful voice, and their harmonies were spot on. I know it was probably nothing compared to the actual show, and it was still excellent. I couldn't really get any pics without flash, so I asked if the minded if I took some pics, and was told no, shoot away. The camera wasn't co-operating too well (not focusing and long delays - should have changed the batteries after all) but I did get a few. They all posed for me. It was kinda fun. LOL I asked if I could get some merch and bought a cd bundle for me and the newest cd for my pastor and a sticker.

Then I went back in to see if there was anything I could do to help with dinner. All I really was able to do was chop a bit more watermelon, and put some noodles in boiling water. Still.. I guess I did my part. LOL I think Lynn was fixing Chicken Alfredo - lots of garlic, and it smelled wonderful.

I finally headed for work a little later than planned as I can get a bit gabby at times, and figured it would be close but I might make it. The longest part was waiting at the two lights between the venue and the freeway (who timed those things?!) and the traffic accident about 20 minutes from work. I ended up being 12 minutes late. :( Not good. But no one seems to upset with me yet. I did call to let them know when I got stuck in accident traffic. It was already off the road or it might have been worse.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL I wonder how much soup was left over and what happened to it. LOL Stay tuned... or not. I can see ya'll are on the edge of your seats.

Till next time....

Peace out,

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