Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mae Day, the story continues...

After the lines split, the wait almost seemed longer. At one point Dave, Mae's bass player on this tour came out and introduced himself. I asked him if this was temporary or permanent. The answer was that he didn't know, but he had hopes it would be permanent. I really enjoyed talking with him. And even though the last bit of time drug a little, soon the doors were opened and I headed for the stage.. a lot slower than I would have liked. The venue was pitch black. The outside was extremely bright. I couldn't see a thing. Apparently the guy in front of me couldn't either. He started to take off for the stage and went flying into the benches. I'm sure he was sufficiently embarassed. I didn't want to repeat his fate.

I finally found a spot to the right of center. I didn't want to be too close to center and be too close to take photos. That didn't work out. I ended up directly in front of where Dave would stand. Not sure how I managed that twice in a row since he was in two completely different places both times, and so was I. LOL

There was a guy behind me that went to get some of the 3 D glasses for Mae's set and I asked if he would pick up a pair for me. I tried to help keep his spot open. He returned with the glasses and also had a copy of the EP. I was kicking myself and wondering why I didn't see if he would get that as well. I wanted to kick myself even harder after I found out they were sold out 20 minutes into the show.

After a time, the show finally started with the Robert opening and playing a very nice acoustic set. I was a bit disappointed that Tokyo wasn't there, but Robert did a very nice job and I really did enjoy his set.

Next up was Larusso, a local band that I am quite fond of. I always enjoy their music and they played well, as usual.

Barcelona followed Larusso, and I must say that I was completely impressed. The music was actually on the mellow side, and the vocals were completely incredible. The lead singer has an wonderful voice. The gal next to me thought he sounded like Billy Joel. I wasn't hearing it, and I replied that I definitely thought he sang better than Billy Joel. LOL

PersonL was the main opener and Kenny did a good job of keeping everyone interested and getting the crowd going. I had seem them at Kilby and thought they weren't too bad, but it was a little screamy for me. This was not the case at The Avalon. He actually sounded great and I loved the whole set. I thought some of the guitars were a bit reminiscent of old Beatles.

After PersonL's set (if I have the order straight), the venue gave away a guitar signed by Mae. They promised that they would be giving away a guitar at sold out shows. A very happy young lady was able to go up on stage and claim her prize.

Then after a bit of time for set up, Mae finally took the stage. The crowd was very enthusiastic. Dave was in front of me on the right, Robert was on keys a ways behind Dave and mostly in the shadows. Jacob was far back to to the right so that the backdrop where the video part of the concert would be happening was easy to see. Unfortunately, with the angle and me being so short most of the time I could just barely see Jacob behind the drum set. LOL I wish there had been a set list for me to snag so I could recall the order of things. Suffice it to say that they did play, "The Ocean", Suspension, the new songs from Morning and a fairly lengthy set. Afterwards the crowd clamored for more and Dave came out and played two songs acoustic. At one point other members of the band came out and played with Mae. It was sad that it had to end, but I knew that the acoustic set was yet to happen. :)

At the end of the last song I made my way to the back quickly so I could get a good seat for the acoustic set. I went back to the merch table and paid for the acoustic show and tried to unsuccessfully to get the ep. Instead I ended up with a gray Mae hoodie. I can always use those. LOL Then I felt badly that I was out of cash for anything else. Security started asking people to go outside as they were going to empty the venue and then let people back in. I managed to end up in the front and found a good spot once inside. The acoustic set was completely amazing, although I did miss Jacob with his water jug. :) At the end the crowd convinced Dave to play a part of the new song coming out on May 30 called Over and Over. He said it was really more of a rock song, meant for electric guitars, and he agreed to play part of it. I can't wait to hear the complete, recorded version because I really liked what I heard.

After the acoustic set, I went outside and Dave, Dave & Zach visited with fans. I had my pic taken with them all. Jacob was acting tour manager, so he was taking care of business. Zach did go and get him for me (I think it was Zach.. I was pretty tired), though because we had an unfinished conversation from earlier in the day and I wanted to say goodbye and get a pic. I managed to get some friends to take a photo of me with Jacob and when I went to look at the photo, I saw how burnt I really was. Wow, was my face red!!! So, in all of the pics I look something like a lobster (minus the claws, of course.) LOL

Finally about 1 a.m. or so we left and I dropped off Nicole and company at her grandmothers and headed for home. I probably scared them all half to death with my bad driving as I was pretty tired and out of it. LOL They probably won't want to ask me for a ride again! ;) But I did make it home safe and sound, and very tired.

I left so much off this long saga, (like giving Zach his birthday card and gift and getting a chance to visit a bit before the show with Zach & Jacob), but suffice it to say that it was a wonderful day and I had an incredible time. :)

I can't wait until they come back in the fall. :)

Love, Peace, exhaustion and too much fun in the sun...


Zach was front right stage, and Dave (bass) was behind him.

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