Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Phoenix is Hot... and I don't mean cool

It's still hot here in Phoenix, even in September. All in all I'm holding up rather well in the swelter.

Yesterday we drove all over. First we went up to the Dodge Theater so I could see where I have to go tomorrow for the Music Builds tour. I think I'll be ok getting there and back. :) Still not 100% sure about parking. There is a public garage across the street, but not sure it is the one the venue mentions and it was a tad on the expensive side, but maybe it will be easier entering and leaving. I'll probably call later.

Afterwards we came back to my daughter's to get directions to the soda pop shop in Scottsdale. I wanted to pick up a certain soft drink that is sometimes hard to find for Dan of Jars. I didn't realize it was 45 minutes away. LOL But we found it there, along with some other interesting soft drinks we picked up for ourselves. I took pics, but I'll have to add them when I get back home.

Then we headed back and decided to stop and do a little shopping while we waited for Dee's husband (Brian) to help his friend fix his car. We went to Borders, and then across the street to Berean Christian and I bought Downhere's new release. I also picked up Bebo Norman's while I was there. Finally we landed at Ross. Ed waited outside - not exactly his thing. LOL I tried on a pair of pants and a skirt. The pants almost fit, but not quite, so I decided against them. I really liked the skirt, but then I noticed a small stain and decided against it. My daughter did get a cool pair of Jersey sheets for $12.99, and some shorts, so she fared better.

Finally we ended up meeting Brian at a Mexican restaurant my husband went to before, but they didn't take debit or credit cards (and it was freezing cold in there.) I offered to go next door and get cash, but my husband decided to make a statement. Anyway, we ended up heading for Arriba's down the road a bit. The food was good and the service was pretty good as well. There was a bit of a toothpick inside Brian's enchilada, though, and they were really apologetic and gave him his enchilada gratis.

Then we went back to my daughter's place and watched a bit of tv and I goofed off on the laptop. Then I read a little more of my new book, "Unchristian" until I decided to go to sleep.

I think we are going to Fry's Electronics later, and when the sun goes down a bit, I may go out and see if I can get some Saguarro pics.

Tomorrow.... Third Day, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph & the Family Band. I can't believe it's coming up so soon! I've been paranoid that I have the wrong day and I'm going to miss it. Sigh...

More adventures to come soon...



Brittany said...

I had Mexican grilled cheese sandwich the other day.. Why am I telling you this? Because you said you were went to a mexican restaurant.

We were waiting for my brother to get out of football practice, so we went to the mexican restaurant nearby and I ordered grilled cheese.

Since it was in a mexican restaurant, technically it was mexican food.

Have fun tomorrow. :)

Melanie said...

Hahaha.. hey, that works! ;)