Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Park City, Deer Valley, Bob Dylan and the Thunderstorm

When I purchased a ticket to see Bob Dylan clear back on June 28, I figured that I would probably find a place to stay the night and come home on Monday. I asked my husband if he wanted to go up with me and get a room (he likes driving more than I do) and he was definitely interested in the notion. LOL So, after much research I booked a room at the Marriot Park City. It took quite a while to find a room because I was mostly getting resort condos - we're talking up to $500 a night, or less but requiring a minimum stay of more than one night. Definitely out of my price range. But I found the Marriot, and the price was actually quite reasonble. Since it's a ski resort area, it is "off season" so I'm guessing that's why.

Anyway, we left for Park City a little before 10 a.m., made a pit stop at Smith's for gas and some Duct tape (to keep my back window from leaking if it rained) and headed down the road. Yahoo said the drive was 1 hour and 7 minutes, and that actually turned out to be pretty close. The directions to the hotel were perfect and we found it with no trouble. We stopped and I inquired about early check-in and that went well and we were in our room in a short amount of time. The room was really very nice indeed! There was a balcony overlooking the pool, which I never did get to use.

Anyway, once we got settled, I conned my husband into dropping me off at the venue. He wasn't too keen on picking me up after the show, and I wasn't too keen on getting lost late at night and I thought he might decide to go for a drive or something. But he went ahead and being a good guy, he dropped me off. Later I would call the hotel to ask about a shuttle service and was told that I could take a bus to the hotel if I left by 10:30 p.m. That was the plan.

There were 7 "lanes" going up to the venue with about 10 people in each lane. I got into the shortest line and prepared to wait about 6-1/2 hrs. for the gate to open. I had planned to bring a book, but with the promise of rain, I didn't think it wise. People ahead of me were well prepared - books, lawn chairs, tarps, umbrellas, coolers and even booze. It was amazing. It looked like they were moving in for the long haul. LOL I had a small wallet, my cell phone and a pack of gum. I didn't want to be delayed with searches and the ticket said no cameras allowed. Part of me wished for the camera later. They really didn't seem too concerned with the point and shoots I saw and there wasn't much in the way of a search going in.

A few hours before the gate opened, we did get rained on lightly off and on. There was sun and blue sky on one side, dark rain clouds on the other. I started to look for a rainbow and found a small one. I love rainbows. It didn't last long, though.

Potty Break - the bathroom was really pretty:

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity (the time really seemed to drag), it was time to go in and find my spot for the evening. We were even let in 15 mins early. That never happens!! I managed to find a good spot by the barricade. I even managed to squeeze in and out for some food at one point. Others around me were gracious enough to hold my spot for me. Just as I left with my food it was starting to rain, and was pouring before I finished my Grilled Chicken sandwich with mushrooms and onions. One thing I had looked for at Smith's was a rain poncho, but didn't find one. I would regret not stopping for one later in the evening. I was soaking wet.

Bob Dylan started the show pretty close to 7:30. He came out with a huge white hat and wore it the entire evening. I was to his left, and he was at the keyboards facing my direction. There was a guitarist in front of me, and a bass player, then a drummer. On the other side of the stage was the sound guy and another guitarist.
Dylan pretty much stayed at the keyboard except for two or three times when he went over by the drummer. I noticed that for a good part of the night, the guitarist and bass player would just watch Dylan, like they were looking for some cue. The guitarist referred to his set list a few times. I decided I was going to try and get that list. LOL

Dylan played 15 songs, and then left the stage to raucous applause. I really enjoyed the music. I have a feeling the sound on the vocals might have been a tad better a little further back. His voice had a rather growly sound on some of the lower notes, but higher he sounded pretty good. I didn't recognize all of the music.
I knew from talking to others that Dylan doesn't say much from the stage. In fact, he never said a word, other than the words to his music. I really did enjoy it, but by the end of the set I was almost glad because I was freezing. LOL That made me feel kinda bad. LOL But I cheered with the others for an encore. He came out and sang Rolling Stone - now there was one I could sing along to. I loved the encore! And I knew the words. LOL

At the end of the night I kept my eye on the set list. I asked the security guard if he could ask for it for me. I told him that I knew he couldn't get it off the stage. He said he couldn't even ask, I'd have to yell. So I hung around and waited and tried to get someone's attention eventually. Another gal came up looking for a pic. I told her I never saw any or noticed any left behind. I persisted in my quest.
Two security guys were there now and told me they didn't think anyone would get anything tonight. Finally a guy came close enough that I got his attention and he got the set list for me. So, Mr. Security had to admit that persistence pays off. LOL I set out across the mud, and headed for the merch booth. It was only about 9:30 or so. I still had a little bit of time.

At the merch booth, I thought most of the shirts were kinda ugly and a little costly.
The only one I liked was $35 and I just didn't want to spend that on a tee. So I bought a cd and a $15 poster. I normally don't get posters, but this had the date and venue printed. I bought the last one. On the way out the door, some guy offered me $60 for my poster. I turned him down, but had lots of second thoughts. LOL I think the next person he approached was going to take him up on it, but I went to find the bus stop.

It was a long wait for the bus. I just missed one, and it was probably a good 1/2 before the next one came. I was supposed to change buses at Main Street. AT least the bus was free - that was rather cool. At any rate, the bus driver told us that he was going to take the back road or he'd be waiting in traffic for 40 minutes. I think it may have been even longer. There was a lot of traffic and the roads weren't that big. It seemed like a long drive, compared to my drive up. I talked to the guy next to me, and watched the guy across from me pour at least two glasses of wine and down them. I couldn't believe he was doing that. He was pretty smashed.
We got to the Main Street transfer station, and the bus driver called in our situation. I think we must have missed the last buses, so he just drove us all to our respective locations. He dropped me off right at the back door of the hotel just as three other people were entering, so I didn't even have to fidget with the door!

I was kinda hungry, and asked the hotel about food, but everything was closed. A guy at the hotel offered to take me to 7 Eleven. I wasn't too sure, but the desk clerk knew, and he was registered at the hotel, so I figured it was relatively safe. He waited for me, and dropped me back off and went to park his car. It was really very nice. The sandwich I bought was kinda dry, but at least I wasn't hungry anymore.

Then I took the longest, warmest shower I could stand. It felt wonderful. I almost fell asleep standing twice. Then I turned in for the night and slept. I was awake at 7 a.m. Ed and I went to McD's and had a breakfast, came back and loaded the car.

I took photos of the hotel and the mountain with clouds sitting on it with my point and shoot, then got out the DSLR. Then we headed out of town. Along the way Ed found a good place to pull over in a business lot, and it was adjacent to a little "bog" with a bunch of cattails. Across the street was a good shot of the hil with low lying clouds, so I took a few photos.

Then we headed for home. I was able to see a good show, and spend some good time chatting with my dear husband. Another adventure bites the dust.

Peace out,

Set list for Deer Valley (Denny)

1. Rainy Day (my note - good choice LOL)
2. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (A) Times Db) Masterpiece (A)
3. Memphis (Ab)
4. Not Dark Yet (F#)
5. Twice Tambourine (Db)
6. Million Miles Blind Willie
7. Desloation (F) MIssissippi Woman
8. Levee Breaks
9. Simple Twist She Belongs to Me (Ab)
10.Honest With Me
13.Queen Jane (Db)/I Believe in You
15.Ain't Talkin'
Rolling Stone
Watchtower/Blowin/Times (Db)


Lauralee said...

I was curious to hear how that concert went. We were driving home Sunday night from our cabin in the rain (which was so crazy) I wondered what it would be like at the concert. I guess it's nice that during the show it didn't really rain.

Fabe said...

Melanie - Would you be so kind as to take a photo of the set list and send it to me?

Fabe - on bobdylan.com

Muchas gracias

Azor said...

That's amazing that you got a setlist. Even though Dylan does a lot of shows, I don't think those are commonly given out. You could probably make a pretty good buck off of that on ebay. It's fascinating that it looks like a preliminary plan-- you can actually see the songs that were played on boblinks.com. So in many of those slots Bob apparently decides at the moment which one to play.

Also, the "sound guy" was actually a pedal steel player, though sometimes he's pretty low in the mix so you may not have even heard him.

Melanie said...

Hmmm... there was a pedal steel guitar player in the back, and a set up in the front with another guy. It looked like a sound set up to me.

I would be happy to take a photo of the set list, but it might be a few days.

I had to wait a while for the set list. I only saw the one on stage, and I waited through a lot of people basically ignoring me before someone finally handed it to me.