Friday, September 05, 2008

Paul Coleman at Wheeler Farm

Wednesday also known as September 3, 2008, I had plans to go to a place called Wheeler Farm to see Paul Coleman at a free concert. A friend of mine who is the local Rep. for People for Christ Ministry had set it up for a new, local artist to open for Paul. I asked if she wanted to ride share since I have so many trips planned to Salt Lake, not to mention a trip to Phoenix, planned this month.

Eleanor picked me up around 3 p.m., and she had a few errands to do before we actually went to the venue. She made a pit stop by the dentist and had me take her car to Albertson's to get something to bring to the dinner part of the show. They were serving hamburgers, I think. I picked up a couple of desserts and some cut watermelon to take along. The watermelon looked yummy.

Finally we stopped to meet with the Dick of People for Christ who was coming to see Chrissy, as he is looking to be her manager. We all ended up riding in his little econo car to the Park. When we arrived, Chrissy was already starting to sing, which was a bit early, so we went right over. I took some photos. Chrissy is a very mellow artist with a quite beautiful voice and a cute personality. I waited to eat because I was a little out of sorts when I first arrived, so I just hung around by the stage and took photos. The Farm was really gorgeous.

After Chrissy played, Scott (of Pivitplex) took the mike and introduced Paul Coleman. Paul has a nice voice, (except for that one really painful screech which was rather on purpose to be funny) and Paul was pretty funny and engaging on stage, much as I remembered him in Boise when I saw the Newsboys. I took quite a few photos of Paul during his set and enjoyed his performance immensely. At one point he did a whole set of "Bob Dylan sings contemporary Christian music" numbers. I went over to Scott and mentioned that he sounded more like Bob Dylan than Bob Dylan did. He left out Bob Dylan does the Newsboys so someone shouted out that he should do Newsboys and he did Shine. It was hysterical. He really did sound like an old Dylan record, though. Paul has a gift for involving the audience, which he used quite readily at Wheeler Farm. It was very memorable - good worship, and good fun.

Afterwards, there was a speaker, and I went over to see if I could get some food. Much to my dismay, it was all pretty much put away and cleaned up except for cake - chocolate with chocolate icing and ice cream. I can't have either. I figured I was going to have to fix me something to eat after all. Then they brought out some white cake, and I figured I was in luck. I asked to have one without ice cream and guarded it so no one would put ice cream on it. I guess I was a little hungry by then. LOL

After cake, I went over and bought Paul's cd, got a photo, and chatted a little. I also took pics of Paul with other people I knew as I wanted them to have that also.
I promised Paul I would send him a message so he could tell me where to send pics. LOL Eleanor told him they should take me on tour to do photos. I about died. That would have so terrified me. LOL Let's just say it wouldn't have worked. LOL

Finally we loaded our gear in the car and headed back to the hotel. Then Eleanor dropped me off at home.

The next day, the plan was for Chrissy to play at a nice little Italian Restaurant here called, Rivoli's. Dick and Eleanor were there as well as some of the PFC volunteers. It all went really well - the food was good, and the atmosphere was quite relaxing. It wasn't a really busy night, but several people inquired about Chrissy and the owner of the restaurant introduced himself and made sure we were happy with everything. I took my camera but left it in the car until Eleanor asked me about photos, so I went and retrieved it.

Tomorrow I am volunteering to work at the Natalie Grant concert at the Fairgrounds, and I also volunteered to work Tuesday for Veggietales and the lost children's booth. That should keep me busy and in trouble. Hopefully I'll get to take some pics along the way. The very first show I ever used my DSLR on was Veggietales. LOL I didn't even know quite how it worked yet. Consequently, I had rather slow shutter speeds in a low light setting. I still got a few good ones. Nothing much has changed. LOL

Hope everyone is having a great week and your next week is a pleasant and memorable one.

Peace out,


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