Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boom Boom Ain't it Great to be Crazy?

I made my first set list yesterday, which is a pretty good trick for someone who isn't in a band.

September 9, I was signed up to volunteer to work the Lost Children's booth at the State Fair from 12-3 p.m. and to report to volunteer for Veggietales at 4 p.m.
I got everything ready as best I could the night before, and headed off to sleep way too late, as usual around 3 a.m.

At 7:45 a.m., Mollie wanted to go out. She just goofed around. At 8:15, she was pretty insistent about going outside again, so I took her out and came in about 8:30 a.m. Just as I was ready to head back to sleep for a few more hours I got a phone call saying that the Lost Children's booth was covered, and they didn't need me. I checked my e-mail and got ready to go back to sleep again. The telephone rang once again. It was Calvary saying that they needed a volunteer for wardrobe. I said I'd go, but I wasn't dressed yet so it would be a little bit. So much for a shower. But I got ready as quickly as I could, stopped to get gas, and headed for Salt Lake City.

When I arrived at the fair, I went to the Media trailer (I knew where it was this time) and got a entry pass for the fair. Then I headed for the Grandstand. I met Karen (who co-wrote the script for Veggietales) and she said that the person I was supposed to work with was out doing laundry, so she found someone else. He had me do a small errand (plugging in all the battery packs) and then I followed him to the sound booth. He handed me a white binder with the script and asked me to make a list of all the songs - all of the song titles were underlined and in caps. I ended up making two, one for each side of the stage. The title of my blog was song #13, I believe. LOL

Then I was just told I could have something to eat if I wanted while I waited for Selina (I have no idea how she spells her name) to return. I spent some time talking to the bus driver and his son. The little guy is just about to turn four, and he was adorable. There was no doubt about what he wanted, either - to go on rides. LOL I think dad mostly wanted a nap.

I really can't recall where it fit in on the timeline, but somewhere in the schedule, I ended up in the tent with some of the cast/crew having lunch.
I met the stage director, Hunter, and we had a nice conversation. At one point I tried a little potato salad. At some point I did go back and have a little bit of the rice and refried beans with some salad, and a couple of cookies just as the caterer was putting things away.

Finally Selina and Lucy made it back from doing laundry and they sent me on an errand to get rubber bands. First, I had to get a Veggietales "Volunteer Crew" pass so I wouldn't have to pay to park again. Once that was accomplished, I made a quick trip and came back to the fairgrounds with the rubber bands. After my errand I went into the trailer and steamed shirts. I think ironing would have been easier. The steamer really spits. I told my daughter I wanted one for my birthday, and it rather does the same thing. It's a great concept, though. I finally did get finished steaming the shirts, and then was told I could break and look about the fair a bit until 5 p.m. It was about 3:30.

I started to walk out into the fairgrounds and "King of the Road" caught my attention. I still know most of the words to that song. It was being done in four part harmonies, including bass. Now, I rather enjoy that sort of thing live a whole lot, although for some reason I never like it quite as much in my cd player. I went over and sat down and listened for a bit and took a few pics with my point and shoot. I left my SLR back on stage mainly because I didn't feel like carting it around. In hindsight, I rather wished I'd taken it along.

Afterwards, I went over to see if the Tigers were still there. Not only were the tigers there, but they were just starting the show. I tried to get close enough to take a few photos, but it was difficult. I didn't want to push in front of kids. LOL
Finally the guy in front of me left, so I was able to get a bit closer. The tigers were all quite beautiful creatures. Three of the tigers were white tigers, one was golden, and one was the tiger colors we are all used to seeing. A couple of the white tigers were huge, dwarfing the trainer, the largest weighing about 450 lbs.

Once the show with the tigers was over, I went over to the photography building and went through it rather quickly. On the way in and out of the photography exhibit, I stopped and took photos of a clown making balloon animals for children.

Finally I headed back over to the Grandstand. I met up with Jim who is the one who called me about volunteering and chatted a bit. Then I found Selina and Lucy again and tried to figure out what I was going to do. I ended up stage right with Lucy and one other volunteer. I helped the cast get in and out of the Veggietales characters, and helped a few times with zippers, untying shoes, etc. It was quite an experience. I really enjoyed meeting Lucy and getting to talk to her a bit. Hunter was a total crack up during the show and I think he kept us all entertained. So was Wes (one of the dancers, who also played Larry a few times during the show.)
The cast knew their costume changes pretty well, so they made it seem rather easy. The first time I almost did the raise/lower thing backwards (I knew, I think it was tiredness setting in) but I did figure it out. LOL Sometimes I felt like I wasn't doing enough, but then it got a little busy towards the end. I was supposed to put a bowtie on Mr. Luntz and Larry, and couldn't get Larry's bowtie to stick. I barely got Mr. Luntz's. So Larry ended up bowtieless for the last number. Oops! But overall it went rather smoothly. Hunter breathed a sigh of relief. IT had been rather windy all day, so the show went without the usual backdrops, and the show managed to end before it started to sprinkle (the Veggietales costumes cannot get wet.) I stayed around and helped hang up costumes, and then I went to try and get a pic or two of the Larry/Bob characters (in smaller off-stage, non batttery operated costumes.) The flash didn't go off, so the pics were a tad dark, but when I used flash, my hat blocked it. LOL So I only got a couple.

Then I had my photo taken with Hunter, and one with Lucy & Selina, etc. I took a quick pic of Wes also. I took a photo of Karen, that didn't turn out real sharp, so I took a pic of Karen and friend (I think his name was Jordan?) who co-wrote the script. Then I ended up going out to look at Sheep with Selina and Lucy. Lucy had never seen sheep in person before and she was surprised at how big they were. Selina went back to the Grandstand and Lucy and I went and looked at the giant alligator. I paid for her to go in with me since she hadn't seen an alligator, either. I think the 13 ft. long alligator was real enough, but the eyes looked weird, so I was rather wondering if it was really alive. Inquiring minds want to know. Maybe it was stuffed - but it was in water.

Anyway, we walked back to the Grandstand, chatted a bit longer, and then I went off to have some Rice at the Gyro stand (best rice around) and a baklava before heading for home. To summarize the trip home, traffic was horrible and went to one lane. Then it wasn't clear where to go and I ended up on a freeway that leads to home, but rather the long way around. I tried exiting, and the entrance was closed, so I ended up taking the scenic route again. So a 1/2 hr. to 45 minute trip home only took an hour and a half. But I made it home.

Yet another adventure bites the dust. It was a fun time. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Peace out,

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AJ said...

you are such a cool cute!! :) yay for veggietales! totally makes me miss my niece and nephews. love the sheep pics..nice job. wanted to tell you I loved your latest response on zach's blog...i hadn't even thought about what you said that abraham & issac were before the law..great point! anyway, hope all is well for you darlin! :)