Monday, June 09, 2008

Sometimes I am Not So Smart OR A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Mall?

Yesterday I went to my daughter's so that she could cut my hair. We also planned to go to the mall so I could try to find some decent PJ's to wear for Pajama Day at work.

I was trying to get some pics of the mountains and a few clouds and I could not find an uncluttered place to take one of the shots I had hoped for. I said something to my daughter and the next thing I know we are headed up Ogden Canyon to take some photos. We stopped at Pine View Reservoir and headed up past Wolf Creek. There was some gorgeous scenery along the way. We also passed a waterfall that is usually just a small thing only it was really not so small yesterday. What a sight that was!

Anyway, I got a few O.K. shots, but only tonight realized why I was having such a difficult time with exposure. It really helps if you check the ISO. I bet if I were to check the ISO right now it would be set to 1600. You would think after making this error in the reverse several times, I would learn my lesson, but alas, I haven't apparently. LOL I was shooting at some really ridiculously high shutter speeds. For some shots it worked well. For water shots it wasn't the best scenario.

(This photo is for Jacob & Brett - Keep looking up) :)

Also, we stopped at the waterfall on the return trip, but the lighting was nearly impossible - shady at the bottom with the sunlight hitting right at the top. By the time we reached the waterfall we were running short on time so I just took a bunch of wild guesses on the exposure, which didn't work so great, either. I hope the waterfall downpour continues until next weekend, so I can try to get out at a little different time of day to give it another try. I guess that is how one learns. I've gotten so used to low light shots, I need to come out into the daylight. LOL

We made it to the mall about 1/2 hr. before closing. Sears was the first place we found that actually had anything much of a pajama section. The prices were a little steep, but I finally found a skull top and black bottoms on sale. They still weren't cheap, but they weren't horribly expensive. I had hoped for something more cutesy.
Cutesy ones weren't in my size. At any rate, trying them on was out of the question, as we were getting the store closes in 10 minutes warnings, and neither of us was enamored with the idea of taking the long way around the mall to my car. We went to Mervyn's and they had a pair of shoes that are more like slippers than shoes that matched the top so I purchased them. I tried them on at the store, and they fit well.

So in a brilliant stroke of genius I decided it really would be a good idea to try these things on before I planned my attire for work. The top fits o.k., but for some reason it was designed for someone with really skinny arms that I do not have. It fits, but pretty snugly. The pants are on the verge of being high waters, but they work if they never shrink. I guess I will have to hang them to dry. I really would take them back, but then I don't know what I will wear today. My daughter really wants the top and she may get it eventually.

But for today, I will look as close as an old lady gets to wearing Goth in her pajamas at work. No make up, not really Goth at all, just as close as this old lady gets. (I only mention this because there was talk of people dressing Goth for Friday the 13th.) At any rate, skulls seem to be en vogue, and I will be trendy. ;) Hahahaha I will be a trendy old lady in her pajamas who pretends to be a photographer sometimes. LOL

Peace out,

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Jacob said...

thank you for that Melanie :)
have fun at pj day!