Saturday, June 07, 2008

Random Thoughts That May Grow Up Someday

As the title states - random musings:

The nature of my center meets the nature of His will
The love I have has fallen short
I guess it always will

My obsession will cost the one I love His very life
His devotion will cause Him to willingly lay it down

(perhaps that should be past tense? Or is it ever present tense?)


Every analogy has already been given
Every metaphoer has long become trite
What can I say that hasn't been said
Words alone fail me
I need insight

O.K. not so great at rhymes sometimes. LOL

NOTE: I was going to edit my typo on metaphor, but then it made me laugh so I changed my mind. ;)

Oh, one more thing -- I wrote some lyrics and someone else reworked it some and made it into an actual song. I will blog about this later. I should have posted it already, but I'm hopelessly and forever distracted. I have 5 million things to do and I'm still here. LOL

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