Monday, June 23, 2008

Reading slowly, but surely, new books, etc.

O.K. So I went to Barnes & Noble on Saturday and picked up a book I'd ordered called, "God's Debris." I was suprised that it wasn't really huge. LOL While I was there an author had his book, "Circle of Doors" at the table. That author is Ranse Parker. We chatted a bit and he rather convinced me to give the book a try, so now I have an autographed copy. It's supposed to be somewhat of a mystery-type storyline. It will be something different.

So, that can be added to my list of books to read this summer. I have my work cut out for me.

In the meantime, I am in the midst of reading "Push My Life Into a Duffle Bag" by John Roger Schofield. I'm curious to see where it goes also. There is really a lot more vulgarity and sexual content than I am really comfortable with, but I want to give the book a fair review when I'm finished, so I'm plugging away.

In other things, I am working, taking care of dogs (not just my own at the moment which is going to be a real challenge), going to church, preparing for Warped Tour on Saturday (and The Spill Canvas concert on Monday.)

Church was a lot of fun yesterday even though I was operating on about 3 hours of sleep. When I arrived there was a band, "The Smyrna Band" (and no, they are not from Georgia.) LOL The had some great vocal harmonies, and I came back later in the evening to hear them play a whole set. I took pics, and just basically enjoyed it, and the fact that worship was involved made it that much better. Afterwards, I hung around to tell one of the guys something (about throat coat tea because it's really dry here and it was causing him to cough a little) and got sucked into this huge joke telling/story telling fest. Laughter does the heart good like medicine. (I think that is a bad paraphrase of a proverb.)

Anyway, I will post a little more with some pics later.

Hope all are well, and have a great day!!


Lauralee said...

I'm excited for warped tour! I'm not sure if I'll be making it to the spill canvas yet though, because i got called for jury duty next week.

Silverose said...

You will find God's Debris to be a strange book. I read it a while back. If it is the same book I read his theory is that God destroyed himself and created the universe. Written by the creator of Dilbert? A friend of mine got into a long email debate with him about God it was interesting.