Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Smyrna Band

Sunday, I was blessed to hear The Smyrna Band at church. I think some of their engagements fell through and we were lucky enough to pick up some of the slack. They played a little during the worship Sunday morning and came back for a show on Sunday night. I'm not good at genres (there are too many and some barely distinguishable from others anymore), so I guess I would describe their music as sort of a countryish southern acoustic rock? ;) At any rate, they had great, tight, harmonies which I always love no matter what the genre. If you know what genre that is, let me know. LOL

After the service, I had a lot of fun visiting with Ron's wife/Tim's mom. I was pretty chatty Sunday. That's not so unusual, either. I waited around to talk to Dallas because he was having a little bit of a problem with the lack of humidity around here and had a bit of a dry cough as a result. I had meant to bring him some Throat Coat tea, and walked off without it. ;( So, I figured I'd at least tell him about it. I didn't want to interrupt, but as it turned out, the band, my pastor, his wife, myself and a few others stayed for a long conversation involving corny jokes, strange but true tales, ridiculous commercials, and Motown and other music.

I'm just starting to work on pics. I didn't want to take away from worship, and I didn't have a lot of memory card space left, so I didn't take all that many photos which is definitely unusual for me. I just started to go through them and edit as needed.

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AJ said...

yay for sweet harmonies in any music genre! tell me more about this throat coat tea?