Saturday, December 08, 2007

On with the show

I had my photo pass, I was first in line, and I was ready. The doors to the venue opened. I had to show my ticket and head for the front. I was a bit concerned that I'd be somewhere besides the front even after all that waiting, but I made my way to the front just the same. I ended up at the front just a little left of center. It was a great spot. I was next to Ann and her sister. We had pretty much waited together most of the day and I really enjoyed her company.

I introduced myself to quite a few people around me, and I mentioned to everyone I could that I had a photo pass for the first 3 songs of RK, that I would be leaving and coming back to my spot. Most everyone agreed to let me back in. It was easier said than done! And although I was a bit apprehensive about it, I was so jazzed to be there, and now with the show starting soon, I was ecstatic. I struck up a conversation with the security guard in front of me and asked him if the photo pass meant that I could only be behind the barricade for the first three songs, or that I could only take pics the first three songs. He had no idea, so we made a deal. I would take pics and if anyone had a problem I would stop. I liked that deal. LOL

Finally it was time for the show to start and Ruth took the stage playing five awesome songs. I had listened to Ruth a little before and was looking forward to hearing their set. I didn't think I remembered any of the lyrics, but once the music started I found that I did recall a few. It surprised me. I definitely remember Ruth playing Mr. Turner - great song! It was already going by too quickly.

Then it was time for RK to set up so I headed behind the barricade so that I could take pictures. On the way out of the crowd, I told everyone I was coming back after RK's third song and prayed that would work to get back through to my spot. I was nervous. LOL Behind the barricade were huge crates that were used by Matty and Jon to stand on during the set. It made the photo thing a little easier as there was some distance between me and security. Still, the first three songs went by quickly, and then I had to make my way back through the crowd, which wasn't really the easiest of tasks, but it worked. Most people were pretty good about letting me back through, although it was tight a few times and I made my way back to the other side of the barricade.

The concert was sooooooo good. :) Matty was so very energetic and animated during the concert and it was probably the best of Relient K. The music, vocals, everything were all really good. The set for Sleigh Ride was adorable and the fake snow was a nice touch. At one point Matty came over and reached out to the crowd where I was and I pretty much let the other younger gals reach back, but he kinda stayed until I stuck out my hand. It was kinda cool (cause it made me feel special), even though I don't usually do that sort of thing. LOL I rather felt like I could just stay there all night, and watch them play, but of course, that wouldn't be practical or particularly doable. It's a nice fantasy, though. LOL As happens with all good things (well, all things if the truth be told) the set ended and it was time for Switchfoot to set up. I have to admit after Switchfoot's set at Creation NW last summer, I was pretty excited to see them again.

Switchfoot did not disappoint me at all! Everything from the intro to the encore was spectacular. :) I always love it when Jon sings into his guitar, I wonder how he stays standing as he spins around, and it's fun to see him go out into the crowd. At one point Jon stood on the barricade in front of me, and someone next to me held the front of his foot onto it, and I held the back loosely. He seemed pretty solid, though. I'm not sure he really needed help at that point. I was afraid I'd hold on too long, but I didn't. LOL I absolutely loved Awakening, and I think me and one other gal were the first two to start jumping. You have to jump to Awakening. ;) Of course, I was pretty tired at the end of the song. I had to alternate between my "fake" jumping and bobbing and the real thing. LOL I completely enjoyed their set and screamed and sang like an old fool the whole time.

After the encore, I was able to get a copy of Switchfoot's set list. I love set lists. :)
M2L Intro
Gone (Crazy in Love)
One Tonight
Rebuild ...

Rebuild was incredible! Matty came out wearing a jersey, which I hadn't really seen before. Later I found out it was one that April gave him. I thought it looked rather good on him, actually. Rebuild was probably one of the highlights of the show, as I just love the song and the comaraderie on stage was evident. The harmonies are so nice on that song, too. Ya gotta love great harmony!

O.K. back to the set list:

On Fire

M2L -- the show was over. :( I went to the merch tables and met Ruth and had a photo taken. They seemed like really nice guys. :) I asked them if they got the See's candy I left for them. They said they heard about it, but hadn't seen it yet. Hopefully they did eventually connect with the chocolate. I tried to decide what merch I was going to get. I had already planned on getting Ruth's cd, and also the Switchfoot bootleg package, so that is exactly what I purchased.

Then I headed for the buses. I was hoping Jon was going to perform an acoustic set, but it was not to be. I also wanted pics as I didn't want to bug anyone about that earlier in the day and I didn't have pics with anyone but Ruth at that point. We waited a bit, and then security finally said they were just going to get on the buses and leave. Then security left. Almost no one but security left. LOL Finally Tim came out and greeted everyone. I had a photo taken. I decided not to ask for autographs. Then Jon came out, and Jerome. I didn't see Chad or Drew. And all of the RK guys came out except Dave & Thiessen and I had pics taken. I don't recall the order of who came out when, exactly. I do know that at one point Ruth came out on a dolly and threw buttons to people. It was pretty funny. I pretty much let everyone else get buttons, but this gal next to me asked me if I wanted her duplicates, so I took them. That was nice of her, too. :)

Anyway, then it was time to confront the long drive back to my mom's place. It turned out not to be such an easy task. First of all I had neglected to notice when 680 turned into 280 whether it was 280 N or 280 S. I was going North, so that North made sense. I was wrong. I was supposed to take 280 S. I figured I wasn't supposed to head towards San Fran., so I got off the freeway at Los Altos and got directions back from someone who confirmed that I needed to turn around. I took 280 S. to 680 N. and headed in the right direction headed for 132. When I got to the exit I needed at 132, it didn't say 132, it was 205. I saw "Modesto" to the right and Tracy straight ahead. I figured I was probably supposed to take the "Modesto" exit, but missed it. I decided just to take the first Tracy exit and go back the right direction. My husband has a thing about not taking the first exit into a city because it's usually not the one you want. I should have followed his rule. I ended up on Business 205 for quite a ways before I came across fast food and a Safeway. I had something to eat and then went into Safeway, bought some candy and was able to get directions. The last part of the directions didn't work out exactly, but I found my way back just the same and made it back to my mom's safe and sound about 3:30 a.m. Yup... I had plans to leave for Davis bright and early with hardly any sleep. LOL Never a dull moment. It was nice to finally hit the pillow and catch some zzzz's.

One leg of the big adventure comes to a close.

Next stop... Davis.


JENNA! said...

ooooo! i want to see those pictures :D
seems like you met some cool people.

Anonymous said...

yes, Matt is a strapping rapscallion in that jersey ;)

and I love your sense of fun too Melanie-- I think want to be just like you when I finally decide to grow up :D

Andrea said...

oh man im going to miss this tour soo much! So sad how things have to come to an end huh?
You got a setlist? I was pretty sure there was none! ahh oh well. hmm it was different than the one they played in NY. They didnt play we are one tonight and I wanted them to hear that one soo bad.
and yes in awakening everyone started jumpin.. i went double crazy! haha. Thats why I wish I could go to cencerts 3 times a week so I would be in such a good shape! haha
man I cant wait to see switchfoot again! and rk and ruth of course!

Jen said...

Hah. Wow. I didn't know other people sang into their guitar bodies. : )

And, See's candy is THE best. What a good fan you are, Melanie. :)

Now get some sleep... heh