Saturday, December 15, 2007

Davis or Bust

The alarm went off way too early, as it usually does. I laid in bed a few minutes longer, afraid to really fall back to sleep. Who knows what time I would have awakened then? If the alarm had a snooze button, I didn't know where it was, so that was out of the question. So, I reluctantly forced myself out of bed. 4 hours is not enough sleep. But I made it. I got up and did a quick shower sans hair washing and got ready to head out to Davis. I had my directions to the venue, my ticket, my camera .. everything was ready to go. While I was getting ready my mom went over to my sister's to get the sim card that was missing so I'd actually have a phone. It's rather a good thing I had a working phone. I didn't intend on getting to Davis quite as early as San Jose, but I did intend to get there just a little earlier than I did. I think I arrived somewhere around 11-11:30. No one was there, just a few people going in and out. There was a cafe/smoothie place next door, and I went in and ordered a Peach Sunset dairy free smoothie. It was out of this world. I think I'd go to Davis again just to have one. LOL Then I waited 1/2 hr. - 45 minutes before someone told me that I was at the wrong door. He told me there were only a couple of people at the other door, so I headed to the right place, only it wasn't really the right place, either. It was the door to the upstairs, and I was on the floor. I finally made it to the right door where I met Chelsea (I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong.) She and a few other teens were in front of me, but I was pretty close to the front just the same. I wasn't too worried about it. I was more worried about getting the photo pass since the will call was around the other side of the building where I had waited in the first place. I wondered what happened to Ann since I didn't see her anywhere. Chelsea told me later that she wasn't going to come so early today. I worried about her a little, which turned out to be kinda silly in the long run. All day long, I alternated with Chelsea and a few others in line, walked around, bought another smoothie (yea, I wasn't too cold until I did that, but it was worth it) and a salad for lunch at the cafe. Chelsea went to her car for a bit to get some food at one point. I went for a walk as they came back and she told me that Thiessen was there. I continued walking over there and saw Matty & Matt, et al. and they were playing Bocce Ball when I got there. I can't recall who they were playing with, but they had to leave probably to help set up, and Matt was going to try and find someone else to play, so I offered. So I ended up playing just a little. I don't even know where they were in the game or the score. I'm not too good at it. At one point Matty threw the jack (little ball) out so far that we couldn't really even see it. I almost got a point on that one. But Thiessen said, "watch me beat you," and he did... but not by much. LOL Hoopes is pretty amazing at Bocce, let me tell you. Anyway, after the game was over (I don't know even who was keeping score or what the score was, but none of the points were mine) they talked about getting the tournament together. Thiessen got on the bus, Hoopes went inside to round up teams. ON the way back towards the bus/venue, Hoopes was bouncing the jack and beaned me with it. He felt really bad, and it smarted just a little, but fortunately I have a very hard head. He was very apologetic, but it kinda made me laugh. I mean how many people can say that Matt Hoopes hit them with a ball? Finally after a long while, Ruth's reps came out to wait for the tournament to start and we chatted a little bit. I had a little something for them so I was able to give it to them then. Jon Foreman and Chad represented Switchfoot, Hoopes & Warne represented Relient K and a couple of guys from the crew were represented as well. I don't really know there names, unfortunately. :( But the one guy got so excited when he made a point it was fun and funny. Both Hoopes & Warne are incredible Bocce players. In the end, RK won with 9 points. I think Switchfoot was second, because Jon made a comment about them always being second, but I actually lost track of the score. LOL Andy video'd the game. The game was over, I chatted with Thiessen a few secs about curling (because the strategy seemed so similar) and I went back to the line. I was gone from the line for so long I wondered if anyone would remember me. They did. LOL I apologized for being gone so long and no one seemed to think much of it. The line was getting pretty long by that time, and it got darker, and a little chillier. It was pretty nice in the sun during the day, but kinda cool in the shade with the breeze that was blowing. I was starting to feel the chill a bit. I finally had to leave the line again and go over to the will call window to see about the photo pass. I had to wait a bit because they didn't have the pass up there. Deja vu. Unlike San Jose, though, the promoter was at the window and he checked on everything and I had the pass in plenty of time. I finally could relax. Before long the doors opened, and it was time to go in. I headed for the front and secured my "spot." It's almost showtime.

end pt. 1 the Davis adventure...

For all of those grammer/spelling buffs, there are errors. I may fix them someday. Then again, maybe I won't. ;)


lexidoodleellis said...

awesome :]

i am one of hte many people who have never been hit by hoopes with a ball


Andrea said...

hahaha hoopes!!!! wooowww