Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crazy like that - a saga of three silly "old ladies"

I haven't yet posted about the Jingle Ball in Stockton, California on December 1.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my mom bought tickets for the Jingle Ball on December 1. Since it was a rather spur of the moment purchase, the seats were pretty far in back of the arena, but they were pretty much center, so it wasn't too bad considering we bought the tickets pretty close to the show date. On the bill were Sean Kingston, Natasha Beddingfield, One Republic and Avril Lavigne... yea, she's one of those artists that it seems hardly anyone admits to liking but somehow manages to fill arenas anyway. LOL My mom's favorite song is Apologize by One Republic, so that is the main reason we went.

While I was off on my Relient K/Switchfoot adventure, my mom was listening to the radio. Apparently the local station was going to bump someone in line up to the front row for making and wearing Jingle Ball 95.7 garb. They said something about lights being good. It was rather last minute, and we didn't have time to hunt for lights, but we did dress up in 95.7 attire. We had white sweat shirts with the appropriate words, and visors that also sported the Jingle Ball 95.1 words. I had the idea to use bells, so my mom and I painted, and sewed jingle bells on our sweat shirts as quickly as we could. My sister finally arrived with our dinner and we ate, changed into our Jingle Ball "costumes" and headed for the arena. I had a feeling the lights would be our downfall. First off we see a few gals dressed up and with lights. Then standing behind us just a few people back were two guys who were really decked out with glitter and lights. We saw them on the floor near the front, so I'm guessing they ended up with the front row seats. It was pretty impressive I must admit. But we should get some sort of award or plaque for being the oldest foolish people there (42, 52 and 71.) We were a silly looking trio of
oldies but goodies. LOL The wait in line seemed kinda long because it was cold, and a little damp out, but hey, we survived it. I'm kinda used to it by now.

The show was actually pretty good. Sean Kingston's set was really short (only three songs) and we found out later that he was sick and wasn't even supposed to perform. It's not really my favorite style of music, but the first one had more of a Jamaican flavor to the song, and I kinda liked it. Because the first set was short, the set up time was extraordinarily long and there was a big time gap between Sean's set and Natasha Beddingfield's performance. I have to say she was worth the wait. Her set was more of an acoustic style, but she has an absoltuely beautiful voice and she was quite engaging. At one point Ryan came out and did a song with her. They seemed to have a good rapport. I would definitely see her again sometime.

Then it was time for my mom's favorite to hit the stage - One Republic. I really enjoyed One Republic's set quite a lot. I think my favorite of the night was probably the song Stop and Stare. They did sing Apologize which made my mom quite happy.

Then it was Avril's turn. Let me say she really is good. I enjoyed her set. I don't think some of the language is necessary in her lyrics, but she has a nice voice, knows how to work the stage and sounded great! I loved all the pink. :) I recognized some of the songs, but I don't really know all the Avril Lavigne lyrics. I tried to write out the set list on the back of a receipt with a pencil in the dark not knowing half the song titles, and I have it somewhere in my pile of papers here. Someday it will turn up again.

We left as quickly as we could after the show because my sister and mom wanted to hit the merch table. I bought One Republic's cd and a tee, and a cd for my mom for Christmas. She bought a tee, so now we can match. :) I can't be at our family Christmas party, so maybe I'll wear my tee in her honor on Saturday. LOL I least I didn't lose that one.

When we got back we tried to get pics of us in our garb. It was rather difficult since there was no one but the three of us there, but we did manage to get a few snaps. We convinced my niece to take one (reluctantly) between her social events. LOL Have a good laugh at our expense:

And... have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. :)

God's blessings,


AJ said...

you go girls! :)

i hope you have a beautiful christmas, melanie! :)

Andrea said...

woowzersss! u girls know how to have fun!