Saturday, December 15, 2007

Davis, the Show Goes on

Once I got inside the venue and to "my spot" I was standing slightly left of center in front of one of the large trunks that Jon Foreman would use to get to the barricade. The trunks worked great for the show as both Jon Foreman and Thiessen used them as an extended stage and the crowd would go crazy trying to touch them when they did. I was next to Chelsea on my left and a family on my right. The kids ended up being a bit "tricky" because the security didn't want them next to the barricade because they were too short. They said it was dangerous if there was a crowd surge. We all made small talk until the show started. This crowd was ready. I was a little concerned about the kids and hoped everyone would behave themselves. Anyway, they all promised to help me keep my spot when I got back from the barricade for Relient K. Ruth, of course, played first and played an outstanding set once again. Then it was time for Relient K and I made my way to the side of the stage to the barricade entrance. Just like I did in San Jose, I warned people I would be coming back through after three songs. Relient K came on stage to thunderous applause and I started "snapping" away. LOL It's a bit tricky trying to stay out of security's way and still get photos. It doesn't help that I'm not particularly co-ordinated. Jon Schneck was wearing the tee I gave him in San Jose, and he smiled at me and motioned towards tee. I smiled and acknowledged him as best I could from where I was. Hey, the tee fit! (old joke.. hahaha - well at least two people might get it.) After the third song I tried to make my way back through the crowd. I was hoping not to be too distruptive. It was going well, and then this really tall guy just wouldn't budge for me to go back through. I finally went around behind him and some gals in front remembered my comment earlier and let me go through. When I got back the kids were sort of in my place, so I tried to get in without being too pushy or rude. Anyway, I went to say something to Chelsea and I think I bumped one of the boys a little when I turned (not hard) and mom got a little irritated with me. Then there was a really big push of the crowd, and security got kinda irritated with me and picked my arm up and put it in front of one of the boys. It kinda scared me, and I rather felt like I was on the outs with everyone at that point. When it was time for Sadie Hawkins dance and Thiessen called for people to go onstage, I did raise my hand, but then I was kinda glad I wasn't picked because I thought it might be nice to try to get some good photos. The guy they picked to play the tambourine was totally crazy on stage. He jumped around all over, went to the back in front of Daves drums and fell to the ground like he was break dancing. It was crazy. I don't think Thiessen quite knew what to do with him, but I am pretty sure he got a kick out of it. Anyway, here are the photos:

Santa repelled down a wire from top and surpised everyone. I think it was during Sleigh Ride? But the order of things is rather jumbled. Santa's lost a little weight, though. Here's a pic. I wasn't expecting this at all, so it was way overexposed and not too sharp, but I think you can get the idea now after editing. LOL

Too soon Relient K's set was over and it was time for Switchfoot to set up.

The older girl in the family next to me wanted to trade places with me, but then I wouldn't have had any photos, so I offered to alternate with her a few times. The two times I tried to get her to, she ended up declining, which kinda made me feel bad. I hate the struggle that sorta thing causes me. Maybe if I had a stool she could stand in front of me and I'd be able to still see. LOL Perhaps it was my penance that the security guy would block a lot of my pics in Davis, especially at the end of Switchfoot's set. ;) I couldn't get too upset, though as the guy was really getting into the show which I rather enjoyed. Switchfoot put on an amazing show just as they did in San Jose. Jon looked extremely happy and relaxed. At one point I again ended up holding his ankle to keep him steady on the barricade, but unlike San Jose, he really seemed to need the support. Man, if he had fallen I would have felt responsible. Yikes! LOL When it was time for Rebuild, things went a little crazy.

A good portion of all the bands and crew seemed to be on stage for Rebuild in Davis. Ethan Luck was on stage (tonight only as Jon F. introduced him) and another Santa came on stage. At one point, before there were quite so many people onstage, Jon noticed the hard hats two of the gals in the audience were wearing and took one to put on. He was pretty stoked about them. Then when he introduced Thiessen, he took the other hat for Matty to wear. Matt said that he felt "safe" now in case santa showed up and dropped a PS3 on his head or something. LOL All during the song the hard hats got passed around. It was simply incredible!

The rest of Switchfoot's set was breathtaking as well. Just as in San Jose, all of the artists were just astounding!! It was hard to imagine them topping San Jose, but Rebuild put them over the top. :) Awakening was awesome as well, and again, I just had to jump for it. It was kinda hard with the camera around my neck though.

Then before I knew it, the last show had come to a close. I don't think anyone really wanted it to end, except perhaps the workers who I'm sure wanted to go home eventually. LOL I went upstairs to get the program with the bootleg download code and I decided to buy a Relient K tee as well. Then when I was getting ready to leave I looked down to see if I could see the lens cap I lost. I thought I heard it drop, and sure enough, I was missing a lens cap. It was found and the gal who found it tried a few times to toss it up to me and was finally successful. I went downstairs and wanted to see if Jon was doing an acoustic set. I told several people that Chelsea said the cafe was open until midnight. LOL I ended up in the area where people were waiting for the meet/greet with Switchfoot. I wished I could go. Some paramedics came through. I don't know what was going on, but thought it would be nice to pray. I asked a couple of gals if they prayed and it turns out they were Buddahist and didn't. LOL Figures... tons of Christians around and who do I ask? They were nice gals, though. They said they thought some people had prayed already. I decided it would be best for there to be one less person and went out where the crowd waited at the buses. I hoped that if Jon decided to play an acoustic set we'd find out there. So I waited, and waited. Then I saw Ann and her sister and we started talking. Then Scott came out and was talking to here and I was talking to him a bit. Finally I went to where they were by the bus and we chatted. Then Scott went back inside and said he'd be back. It was the last we saw of him. Hahahaha! Ann waited a long time and her sister was just too cold so they finally left. I waited. Finally Jon and Tim were out by the bus again. Eventually Drew came out as well, and I tried to get a photo with him since I didn't see him in San Jose after the show. The camera wouldn't focus. So I noticed that the lens had been bumped to be partially on manual focus, so I tried again. Drew was patient. LOL After the third try, it still was so fuzzy I just deleted it. Really, it was a big blur. LOL I tried a few pics -- all fuzzy. I talked to Jon a bit and wanted to get a pic of him in his hat. He let me take it. It wasn't too sharp either, but I still have it. Finally, I tried a pic of the grass and it worked. Figures - a really sharp flash pic of the grass at night. LOL Drew was gone, and I would have been too embarassed to bother him again anyway. Jon got back on the bus. Some people left, but a few really waited for Chad who they knew was on Relient K's bus. At some point I said "hi" to the merch guy aka the melodica player and complimented him on his part. I talked to Ethan and one of the guys there got very excited since he was a big Demon Hunter fan. I thought about leaving at that point, but there were a few people there waiting to see if RK would come off the bus and I kinda hoped to see Matty & Dave for a photo. So I waited. Finally Matty came off the bus. I had a pic taken with him and a very brief conversation. I thought it would be nice to find someone to walk back to my car with so I asked around and found someone. So I waited for him at that point. Finally Dave came off the bus and went to the back. He came back around and was going to get back on the bus and someone called out to him and he came over. He took one of the posters on the bus for one of the guys to get it autographed by everyone. Then he came back out and we had a pic taken. While we were chatting the guy I waited for to walk back to my car with me left. LOL Oh well. As it turned out, the lot was really well lit, so it wasn't bad. Then I drove off to get some gas across the street. First I couldn't find my debit card. Then I locked the keys in the car (I kept a spare in my wallet, so it wasn't majorly a problem), then I couldn't figure out how to open the gas cap. I had to call my mom and ask her. The guy at the counter was really the crossest person I think I've ever met. It was to the point that it was almost comical. I made three trips to the car and back before I actually was able to get gas. I saw the buses pull out. I picked up my purse and it weighed almost nothing. My new RK tee was gone. :( The trip home was starting out quite well. ;) I finally set out on my journey home.

Stay tuned... the journey home is another novella. LOL

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