Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sleeping beauty

As of Thursday, October 1, Avalyn has finally, finally gained a pound over her birthweight. This is a major milestone of enormous proportions. As of 2 days ago, Avalyn weighed a whopping 6 lbs. 10 ozs. She will be 6 weeks old on Monday. She is almost the size of an average newborn now. :) She is a sweet pea, and when she sleeps, a sleeping beauty.

Today mom was back at work, and Avalyn, was here. So, of course I had to take some photos. I wasn't up to getting out all of the camera gear, so I just grabbed my point and shoot and took a few snaps. I think for flash pics, I almost like the point and shoot better. Some day I will get a good flash for the 50D.

There were other events to mark this day in history. I did a load of dishes, cleaned a toilet, put in a load of laundry (better put it in the dryer soon!) and
made a flyer for Mae's Project Touch on October. 21. I changed one outfit, 2 dirty diapers, and fed Avalyn three times. I took a friend some grapes, and went shopping at Walmart. Mostly I bought groceries, but I did find this bargain for $3 (Sorry, but you'll have to turn your head sideways. For some reason it rotated when I uploaded it. Perhaps I'll fix it later if I'm so inclined. LOL):

And I bought two pair or pants that hopefully not be on the verge of falling off, and a new top (exactly $25 for all three):

And now I am quite tired. I just have to motivate myself to take care of the dogs so I can catch some sleep.

Sweet dreams...

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