Monday, October 12, 2009

Life is a Blur.

The last week has been a haze. That happens when I'm working followed by a lack of sleep. October 7, I was called back to work. My job is seasonal, and I am far enough up on the list that I am sometimes called back in for the "mini peaks" about this time of year. Still, I didn't expect to be called back until at least the 19th, and since I am usually called back on a Wednesday and not usually before a holiday, I thought it could be later. With that in mind I scheduled a few events for the next week. Things are not about to be simpler. It's amazing how that happens, and I have to say that some of it is my own doing. It's not all bad, and in fact, it should be a great week, but I will need a vacation from my little mini-vacation known as next week.

I've also watched Avalyn a few days this week, and she is finally starting to grow and respond a lot more. She's started to get big already.

On Tuesday, I am leaving bright and early for Las Vegas. My husband has graciously agreed to drive me there. I have a room overnight and a VIP ticket to see Mute Math. I have to say that I really love those guys: not just as musicians, incredible performers but also as nice people. They haven't toured in a while, and I really do miss them. They probably don't miss me nearly as much. ;)

Wednesday, the plan is to drive home and take our time. Hopefully I can be a little leisurely for one day. On Thursday morning, I fly to Denver. My sister lives in Denver, and Relient K will be in Denver on the 16th. How can I pass that up? My sister and her husband are planning to see Relient K's show as well. It should be fun. :) My mom was supposed to be there today, but not sure if it happened. I know she was concerned about snow, and it did snow in Denver this week. I will be in Denver until the 18th when I will fly home. It's not an overly long visit, but I think it will be a good one. :)

On the 19th, I will be seeing Eisley at In the Venue with Say Anything. Eisely hasn't toured in a bit, either, so I am definitely looking forward to it. I did say I would work half a day shift so I'd only have to take off 4 hrs. that day. So, it will be a long one, but I hope a good one, and I'm quite sure it will be worth it!

The 20th, I will be back to work for one day, and then off again on the 21st. On the 21st, I am supposed to work at the show for Fireflight and Remedy Drive with Abandon. I saw Remedy Drive at Creation Northwest and they were sooooooo good. But I will not be able to stay for the show, as I have tickets to see MAE and have had them for a while. I am trying to pull together "Project Touch" (see my last post) so it will most likely be a very long day. I will go back to work on the 22nd, and on Sunday the 25th, I will be working at Todd Agnew's concert. I love Todd and am looking forward to seeing him again.

Fortunately, I have some leave saved up. I am trying to be organized and have started packing and putting things together for upcoming events way in advance, which has made finding things to wear quite a challenge. LOL I just have to finish up on copying and emptying compact flash cards and packing my camera.

That is looking forward towards the future... looking back has been interesting as well.

On Saturday, I went to see Snow Patrol and Plain White T's. I arrived at 11 a.m. since the show was general admission. I met some VERY interesting people. Initially the venue was to be set up with the floor being standing, but a decision was made to
put in general admission chairs on the floor. This actually worked out well for me as we were so close to the barricades and were able to stand there without being squished ito obliviou! :) Kinda nice. Tom with PWT's was ill and almost cancelled his set entirely, but he came out and they played three acoustic songs, "1234"; "Sunlight" and "Hey Delilah." He sounded really good, especially thinking about him being sick. Afterwards, I was able to get their 3 song setlist. :) I really thought I should take Tom some Throat Coat Tea, and felt bad because I didn't listen to that "little" voice. Later I saw the drummer and mentioned it to him wasn't too sure he would have drank it. WE both thought he needed to take care of his voice.

Snow Patrol put on a good show and was a lot of fun. Gary forgot the words a few times, but it was kind of funny. The crowd seemed pretty lively, especially for a seating on the floor type of set up. Most of the time the vocals were really good, although a few times at the outset of a song, he would be off a little, usually a note or two. Afterwards I was pretty excited to get another set list. I let three girls take photos of it. Then I headed up to the merch table and bought a cd. I wanted to buy a PWT's tee that was cute, but didn't quite have enough, so I went to use the ATM. I think I left the set list there when I went. That is when I talked to the drummer for PWT's, and then bought the tee. I started to head out the door, and realized that I didn't have the set list anymore. It wasn't at the merch table and she hadn't seen it. I went back into the arena, and had someone look. I threw someone's drink out for them and I checked the trash. (So, I was desperate! LOL) But I know I had it upstairs and at the merch table, which I had later confirmed by two different people at different times. So the only conclusion I could come to is that when I had it at the merch table, someone took it. It was kind of a downer to an otherwise great day. But I'll get over it. Secretly, (or Not so secretly) I still want it back.

The drive home was very long due to construction and freeway closures, but I made it.
I uploaded pics and fell asleep at the desk. I ate dinner, and uploaded more pics, and again fell asleep at my desk. I got wise and went to bed. This morning I got up early and made it to church being actually on time.

That will be my next blog... See ya soon - very soon indeed.

If you read this, bless you!! :)

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