Sunday, September 27, 2009

Surreal Weekend

So many things have happened, and not much in some ways. I've been really tired, though.

Friday my daughter, Avalyn and I were at the peditrician, and he thought she might be allergic to milk, so there are changes that had to be made, and it seems to be making a difference. Yea!

Saturday, I was just really tired. It was just that sort of day. I bought a ticket to see John Allred, Larusso, This is Anfeld, The Trademark - all local artists, at a place called Kilby Court. Fortunately, it was very small and laid back sort of show, so it was very enjoyable. John and Larusso were especially good, as always! I got to chat with a lot of people, which I always enjoy. I have a friend that is trying to write a history of Kilby, so I decided I could take some pics for her while I was there. I hope she likes them. :) I tried my best to get some pics of the artists, but not the sharpest since the lighting was very dark, and very red, but I did get a few. I still have a lot of editing to do.

Some amazing artists have performed at Kilby, including Relient K, Anberlin, Mute Math, et al. It's akin to a huge garage, with a courtyard outside and a firepit. They didn't have the fires ablaze last night, as it was actually a bit warm out. In fact, it was gorgeous.

On the way to the venue, it was so nice I had the top down. The drives up and back were pretty good, except for one short slow down on the way. I wondered what was causing the delay, and thought maybe construction. Then I looked over at other side of the road and saw a lifeflight helicopter. The other side of the road was totally blocked, and dead stopped. I said a prayer for the people involved, and wished there was a way to put up a sign that warned people to exit the freeway before they hit the mess. There has to be a way. There was an electronic sign on our side, but it wasn't two-sided and it wasn't operating. Still, I'd rather be waiting than taking that flight! I hope everyone ends up being o.k. in the long run.

The drive home was pretty nice overall, and I stopped at my PO Box on the way home to pick up mail. Church Music by David Crowder was waiting there for me. It's funny because I almost bought it online Friday night and decided that I would pick it up at Best Buy later in the week instead. Apparently pre-ordered it and forgot. LOL I listened to it on the way to church today and really like it.

After church I had some good conversations with a few people. Tammy was there from the Pregnancy Care Center and we had a nice chat and caught up since I haven't been to any of their events for a while. Then I had a really long chat with Chris sitting on a bench outside the church and enjoying the beautiful fall day and amazing view.

When I arrived home after church, my husband and I went to my daughter's place and he fixed her swamp cooler and tried to turn on her heater. We still need some help with that one. She and I picked up the belt for the cooler and bought a few groceries and Ed mowed the lawn. We put a newborn outfit on Avalyn, and it was still pretty huge on her. Hopefully that will soon change. She is really very cute being so tiny, but it's not good for her. She looks better today, and back to gaining weight I think. I hope so!

Afterwards, I came home and could barely stay awake, so I passed out on the couch for a few hours. Then I watched Wolverine with my husband, who I am sure dozed off during parts of it. I wonder what he missed. LOL

Nothing much exciting going on here. I'm hoping to enjoy the next two days of nice weather before Wednesday before things cool down.

Peace out, and God's blessings

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