Monday, April 27, 2009

Cell Phone Pic Monday

Well, it's finally that time...

It was going to be cell phone pic Sunday, but since it is now 2:28 a.m. it is officially Monday. I'm late for my own post. LOL (Shhhh.. don't tell anyone.)

At any rate, I have been taking a lot of pics with my cell phone lately, either becaue I see something really cool, and it's handy, OR I'm killing time somewhere for some reason and it seems something to do to pass the time.

On the way to work last week it was definitely something I thought was cool. The mountains are especially pretty to me in the spring before the snow totally melts off and the sky is blue. So, I've been using my cell to capture it. Last week was especially cool as some of the mountains had the fluffiest white clouds sitting on top of them. Check this out (from April 25):

This is what it looked like on April 15, when skies were not so blue:

You can tell the windshield needs washing. LOL
These lovely shots are from Sunday afternoon on the way to "Babies R Us":

And, of course, I had to get something cute for my grandchild that is due on Dec. 5. The little one is still to small to ascertain the gender, so these were pretty neutral. :)

And this was the view of my counter top for a couple of days... someone is waaaaaaaay to into the seriousnous that is known as paintball. LOL Camo paint ball canisters. He converted his weapon to automatic. Think Tim the Tool Man Taylor and paint ball, and you'll get the idea:

And who can resist sleeping chocolate labs:

And like my birthday rose (shown here on the 27th), all good things must come to an end:

Peace Out,

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