Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday Rose

A few days ago another birthday came and went. It seems that they come and go just a little faster every year. Individual moments can drag on an eternity, but the years seem to soar past me faster than I can comprehend.

Anyway, I've been taking snapshots with my cell phone of daily things that I want to remember, mostly because the cell phone is the handiest thing about. For my birthday, my husband came home with a rose in hand. This was well appreciated as gift giving and romantic gestures are not my husband's strong suit, so for him to do that was extra special. :) So, here are some of my cell phone snaps of my beautiful rose.

I see some metaphors to my rose and life... probably not terribly original, but I'll see where it leads.

It is probably almost time for a cell pic blog day soon. Leave 'em wanting more.. (uh, yeah, right. LOL)

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