Sunday, April 05, 2009

Another Wasatch Front Sunday (sung to the tune of Pleasant Valley Sunday?)

I went to bed rather late (or is that rather early) Saturday night/Sunday morning. My husband was already awake so I decided I didn't want to worry about setting and resetting the alarm clock, so I asked him to be my alarm clock. He's fired as an alarm clock, as he was 10 minutes late. LOL So I threw on my clothes and headed for church. I was a little late, but still arrived in the middle of the worship part of the service so it still worked out well. My "usual" seat was taken, so I sat in the back and waited until the worship was over. Since there was a special guest and visual aids were involved, I thought I would get a seat closer, so I moved up. I really think it's a good thing I did as my 5'0" short body wouldn't have seen much over the other heads had I stayed where I was.

The special guest was with Jews for Jesus and he went over the passover. I had done a passover meal with Jews for Jesus with a homeschooling group a very long time ago, so I was really looking forward to this. We weren't doing the whole meal and it was more of a presentation. The speaker presented everything, and although I know the passover itself is a solemn occasion, there was much humor involved and the speaker was really pretty funny at times. I took a couple of cell phone shots of during the service, and a few of the table after the fact. It isn't all set up as a real seder, but you can see some of the items on the table. At one point he had kids 10 and under come up and look for the matza. Afterwards I went to leave a gift and pick up a few books and realized I had no checks left. I asked our pastor if there would be books in the bookstore, so the books I wanted he pulled aside for me. How cool is that? So now I have some reading to do during my breaks at work. :)

After some conversation, I headed for home and was just dazzled by the view leaving the church parking lot. Although there was still a little "bite" to the air, it was absoultely beautiful out. The moutains still had snow, and the clouds just accented them well. The sky was beautiful, clear and blue. I stopped right there and took a couple of snapshots with my phone through the windshield. Then I pulled out, and pulled over and took a few looking out of the door of my car.

On the way home I stopped at the post office and had a fun April Fool's Relient K poster that Kara sent me waiting as well as another copy of This Providence's new cd. I know I double ordered, but I'm fairly certain that I didn't triple order. LOL One would think I liked This Providence or something. LOL Then I stopped at Smith's to pick up my Nexium, and get something for dinner. I decided I didn't want to drive to Wal Mart as I am a tad sleep deprived. As I was leaving I noticed that my husband had called, so I called back. He was planning to go to Wal Mart when I arrived home. So I ended up going to Wal Mart after all!

While I was at Wal Mart I picked up two really adorable baby girl outfits.

I've been dying to do that, and I finally did. I chatted a bit with a mom with her sweet little 6 month old baby girl. I also picked up a few more groceries, a document frame from my April Fool's poster, a real bargain at $2.50. In the process I ran into my lead at work (not literally, of course) and we teased each other a bit, as we often do. When I finished shopping, my husband was waiting for me in the cd section and had found a movie dvd, a Meatloaf cd (which is now playing) and a Shirelle's cd. Finally we checked out at the register, spent too much money and came home.

I know there are a few hours left, but so far, that's my Sunday. Hope your day is/was blessed.

Peace out,

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AJ said...

happy almost easter love! :)and, congrats on grandmother-to-be status...yay!!!

p.s. i cracked-up when i read that you fired your hubby as your alarm clock...pure comedy! :)