Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was really getting excited looking through all of my photos from Creation - good and bad ones, and I put in the last SD card to find it's empty. That means that I am missing an SD card somewhere with pics on it. What seems to be missing are my pics from Switchfoot (probably not the greatest being as the lighting was dark and my point and shoot doesn't do the best at that), my pics from The Afters, some of which I was sure turned out well, my pics of Pillar and pics from the Boise concert with The Fold. I had pics of me with Mike the drummer, a group photo of me with Ever Stays Red, A Classic Affair, and Aaron of the Fold taken by the drummer, Mike. He also took a bunch of close ups of his face and had me totally cracking up. I remember sitting in my tent and looking at the pics and laughing. Now I want to cry.

Please pray that it will turn up somewhere. I know it's a really big longshot, but God is a God of miracles, I believe that. I don't know where to turn on this one. I would even offer a reward. Those pics mean a lot to me. I am really hoping it was turned in to lost and found and the powers that be thought it valuable enough to forward to the main office. IT was certainly more valuable to me than the camera it was taken with. :(

I'm open to any ideas. Just hoping it isn't in a trash can somewhere.


Melanie said...

I found the SD card!!!! I am jubilant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaha. :)
I went over the camera case about 5 times and moved everything. I finally took all the batteries out of the case and it was stuck between two batteries. I am now downloading the pics and very happy about it. :)

miss miller :) said...

HOORAY!!!!! :D :D
goodness, before i saw that comment i thought I was going to cry :)
glad you found it!

AJ said...

yipee!! glad to hear you found it! :)