Friday, July 04, 2008

32 Years

I was working on photos so that I could add a few to my last blog, and it hit me that it is after midnight, and officially the 4th of July. For some it is a very patriotic time, a time to enjoy the fireworks, and celebrate all things American. For some, it is just a day off work: a time for fishing, camping, kicking back at home or doing whatever one does on their time off work. For others it's just another day because they don't live here anyway. LOL

But for me, it is my wedding anniversary. I was married on the "bicentennial", July 4, 1976.

Where has the time gone?

Today it has been 32 years since my husband and I said our vows at Ancil Hoffman Park in Carmichael next to the American River with a small group of family and friends. My sister, Valerie, made my dress - yellow with white and pink flowers and my veil. The reception was at my dad's place. (I will insert photos here, as I am able, and if I am able.)

It was before the world of all things digital. The internet wasn't even a concept in my mind back then and wouldn't be something I actually had access to for another 13 years. Cell phones were nonexistent. Gasoline was well under a dollar a gallon. Oh, we did have color television - no HDTV, though. I remember laughing at the concept of paying for television broadcasts even if it was commercial free. The commercial free thing didn't last too long. LOL

But I have been married 32 years. It has gone by so quickly, in the blink of an eye. Moments may drag, but the years have flown. We have survived job losses, my husband going back to college, auto accidents, raising three children, buying and owning our first home, moving to another state and buying our second home, my daughter's wedding, and all of the challenges life has tossed our way.

I have endured his sometimes reclusiveness, he has survived my outbursts (and I don't mean of energy.) I love people, he likes to be alone sometimes. I like digital photography, he likes film. LOL On occasion we have been worst enemies, but more often we are best friends... when we get to talk. LOL

Relationships are like that. They aren't neat and tidy. We are two sinful individuals who have somehow also been molded into one entity. He knows me and puts up with me, and vice versa. We are committed (in more ways than one.) ;)

I can't imagine being without him.

Happy Anniversary.


Jecca said...

Happy Anniversary :)

32 years...awesome.

Andrea said...

happy belated anniversary! wow 32 years!!! that is so cool! I wanna see pics!