Saturday, July 19, 2008

Concert Shoes

I think I've come up with a new product. We really need someone to make some good concert shoes. I have the criteria and if anyone wants to help me design them, then perhaps we can convince some shoe company to make them for us. I'm thinking that Van's would be a good choice since they sponsor Warped Tour, right? LOL The "Van's concert shoe." ;)

Today I went to the mall. My mission was to find a pair of shoes with good toe support, good heel support and that weren't too ugly.

I gave a lot of thought as to what goes into a good concert shoe. The first thing that a concert shoe needs is support. You need support for the toes to stand up on you toes to look over the barricade or over someone's head. You need support for running to run to the front of the stage, and you need support for standing long hours for some of the festivals, and ga shows, and support is needed for jumping to your favorite tunes.

I was thinking about getting some New Balance shoes similar to the ones I have already. I just figure that the support isn't quite what it used to be now that they are a couple of years old. I looked at Journey, then Foot Locker, then Famous Footwear, and back to Foot Locker. There was a cute, black shoe that was on the wall as a performance shoe. I figured that must mean for running or something. I guess I was incorrect. The toes seemed stiff enough and the heal felt cushiony. After I tried them on, I asked what they were designed for, running? The reply came back that they were for dance/casual. I thought that stinks... but they felt good, so I figured they just might work so I bought them and walked around the mall looking for a few other items on my list. After I while I noticed my heals were not comfy anymore. So,now I had a predicament... the shoes don't really do what I want, so I thought rather than taking them back after I wore them all over the mall I thought perhaps some supports would work. SO now I have an expensive pair of shock absorber inserts. I still wish there was for of an arch support for this flat footed girl to wear. LOL

We'll see if after 4 days at Creation I am still standing.


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