Sunday, April 20, 2008

Worldwide Moment

Worldwide moment is an event where everyone takes a photo from whereever they are simultaneously. You can find info. on it here:

"But for now, the time has come to:

A) Figure out when to do the next World Wide Moment. Please go to this link and vote on when it should be. I'm sorry, but I could not figure out how to include the actual poll within this post, if that's even possible. I'm an idea guy, but not an Internet expert...

B) Promote World Wide Moment's Facebook and MySpace groups. A student from Clemson named Brittany was awesome enough to start a World Wide Moment Facebook page two days ago, and it already has over 300 friends. If you'd like to join and keep up with updates head here:

World Wide Moment's Facebook Group

And, it already has a Myspace page. Here it is: "


MP3 e MP4 said...
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Andrea said...

so like its taking a random pic wherever you are at that time?