Monday, April 14, 2008

Help Wanted

I have a big favor to ask. I want to enter the Warped Tour photo contest, so I was wanting some feedback before I enter the pics. I posted 9 or 10 pics from Warped Tour 2007 in my Flickr account. On Flickr, I am wmn4lif

I would really appreciate feedback, especially rating the pics 1, 2 & 3 for your favorite, 2nd favorite, etc.



NOTE: These are the photos I ended up entering:


Steph. said...

Amazing pics! Again, I'm really envious of all the concerts you've been to. My favorite is the picture of Hayley from paramore, my 2nd favorite is the picture of Dan from the Fold and the 3rd one I like is Meg & Dia.

By the way, I checked out the Myriad on myspace. I really like them! I can't stop listening to "A Clean shot" Thanks so much for recommending them!

Melanie said...

Thanks Steph! And glad you love the Myriad. The pics of Dan and Haley seem to be loved. That makes me happy since I really like the one of Dan myself, but didn't know if it was just because I like Dan or not. LOL

This is the link for my flickr acct. in case anyone peeks in here:

AJ said...

that was fun! i love looking at people's photography...especially since i am not a photographer just enjoy appreciating other people's skill...nice job. :)

top four:

1) # 144770897-M
i may be a bit biased here. i love the light reflected/halo-effect and the subject placement (whatever the technical term is..i don't know :)) /framing of the subject is stellar.

p.s. wow! God did a fabulous job etching this guy out of clay...God bless, Greg..and could He pass one down like this to San Diego please! :)
2) Greg (cough...again. :)) with the light/bent down on stage.
3) Darren king "really close up"
4) #144770897-M (Mute Math piano stand)

good luck. :)

Melanie said...

Guess I should clarify. I had to try to figure out "Greg". LOL Then I realized it was Mute Math pics. It is the 9 Warped Tour pics I have to choose from.

Andrea said...

ahh you are such a good photographer!

My fave is the one called Greg.
2nd fav is 56934027-S
John rocking out.
3rd fav would be The Fold

Melanie said...

I sent in the pics of Dan from The Fold, Killswitch 2, and Haley. The pics had to be from Warped Tour. The deadline for entry is tomorrow. I should know soon. :)

I will edit the pics in shortly.