Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've always been told that I have a lot of Irish in me somewhere. But if the Irish have luck, this week it's rather hiding and not really the best 'o' luck, so to speak. Sorry to be so cryptic. I'm an open book, but it involves other people, so I can't say much.

Anyway, sometimes Thiessen says things that just mean a lot, and I don't think he realizes it. LOL

I love this. Just had repeat it because I needed to hear it this week.

"There is no bad luck... just trials traveling in packs. When it rains it pours, but after it pours it stops.

I think my umbrella is about to collapse with the weight of all that rain. So, it can stop now. LOL

Still with everything, I know there are people that are so much worse off than I.
I can't decide if that's a comfort or not. I'm not overall unhappy, if that's how it seems. Just a lot is going on.

God's blessings to ya!

P.S. I was in the car listening to Jason Morant (very much under recognized Christian artist, imho) and feeling a tad spacy. Anyway, just composed something in the car on the fly... don't know if anything will come of it. I can't believe I remembered it. LOL

Draw out my soul
Bring me to life again
Intertwine me with you
Make me whole.

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Andrea said...

gotta love matty!

I like your poem. Totally agree with it!