Saturday, February 16, 2008

Colbie Caillat

I rather enjoy Colbie Caillat's voice, so when I saw that she was going to be in Salt Lake City, I purchased a ticket. The show was scheduled for Dec. 19 and I was rather hoping I would be furloughed before the date. I had already used much of my leave on my trip to California, as I wasn't expecting to be at work in November. As it happened, I was furloughed on the 18th and breathed a huge sigh of relief. As I prepared for the day of the concert, I double-checked everything online to find out that Colbie was sick, and the show had been post-poned. So, I just prayed for a time when I wouldn't be working, and that it would NOT be on a Friday. The concert was rescheduled for Friday, Feb. 15. Lucky me. ;)

As things worked out, I was only called back to work on the 13th, and when I mentioned that I had plans for Friday, I was told I could start on the 19th. So I was free to enjoy the show without worry (although the extra couple of days of income would have been nice.) The biggest issue, then, turned out to be what time to head for the venue on a Friday to a general admission, sold out show. I figured after noon was probably o.k., although sometimes people start showing up quite early. Sometimes hardly anyone shows until an hour before the show. I showed up at 1 p.m. Most people didn't. For the bigger part of the day I talked to someone I recognize that works a lot of the shows, when he was available (which wasn't often), listened to my Zune, occasionally answered questions about the concert and stood around. The big excitement was when in a moment of complete grace, I knocked some sort of blue light tube onto the ground and shattered it. Had my parents had been a tad more sarcastic, they could have named me "Grace".

At any rate, I made it to the show, barely made the front row because they had about 40 or so people in a meet and greet that beat me to the stage, but I asked someone and they let me in next to them. Phew! It was a pretty good spot and pretty much right in front of Colbie.

The biggest and nicest surprise of the night was looking up at the stage and seeing Jacob Luttrell in front of the mike. Sometimes I get excited over little things. Jacob used to sing backup for Clay Aiken, and I'd met him several times before. He is living in Utah now (which I knew), and he was opening for Colbie (which I definitely didn't know.) He has a rather bluesy sound and a gorgeous voice. I really enjoyed his set quite a lot, and it was well received. After the show, I met him at the merch table, picked up his cd and chatted. He did remember me, which was kinda cool. He looked very happy and relaxed and was very gracious when the camera wasn't co-operating for a photo. LOL

After Jacob performed the next artist to take the stage was Trevor Hall. Trevor has rather a Jamaican sound to his songs, which made them a little different and very fun. Turns out he isn't from Jamaica at all, but from South Carolina. I was standing next to probably one of his biggest fans. Apparently Trevor's biggest fan and I weren't the only ones that enjoyed his set. He neglected to tell us who he was, so everyone was yelling at him to tell them. They all wanted to know. He really played off the crowd and seemed to enjoy himself. It didn't hurt that he was adorable. I also had an opportunity to talk to Trevor and Chris a bit and get photos. I bought a cd/ep set because he made me an offer I had a hard time refusing. :)

After Trevor played it was time for Colbie Caillat. As is quite often the case, the crowd couldn't wait and started chanting for Colbie. It really wasn't all that long before she came to the stage. I was really struck by how pretty she really is. Her online photos don't do her justice. She didn't talk a lot during her set, although she did a few times. It was most fun when she interacted with the band, which she did well. The band was funny a few times. I saw one of the guitarists (I think his name's Justin toss something at the keyboardist who tossed it at the drummer. It was pretty funny. I'm not sure how many people noticed. At any rate, Colbie has an absolutely beautiful voice, and it was rather nice to be listening to her sing withoug being shoved into the railing. A good portion of the crowd had probably never been to that particular venue. There were people of all ages there including children, so it's obvious she has a very broad appeal. I can see why. I never felt at all cheated by Colbie's set. Not only was her voice gorgeous, the set seemed to be just about right length-wise. I thought I missed my chance at the set list, but then noticed that someone there was still unclaimed and was able to persuade some nice member of the stage crew to hand it to me. I know there is at least one encore song (a duet with Jacob Luttrell) that is not listed, but I love having it as it helps me to remember. I'm always excited when I can get a set list. LOL

After the show, I went to the merch tables and pretty much headed for home. As I was getting into my car, I saw Tim Fagan, one of Colbies' guitarists, (or his Twin? LOL) walk past me. I started to say that I enjoyed his music, but he was making a cell call, so it didn't seem appropriate, so I got situated for the drive home and headed out.

It took a while to get home as the wonderful folks at UDOT had the road closed at Hwy. 89 with signs to take the Park Lane (or Ave, or something) detour. I have no idea where that detour is as I sure never saw it. I ended up on 89. Luckily I knew how to get back from there, but it was a bit longer route. I stopped and got gas for my trip to Vegas and spent pretty much all night trying to make my computer work so I could put up some pics.

I hope you enjoy them.

God's blessings,
One Tired Melanie

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wooww. very nice.
awesoome pics!
you travel lots! lucky you!