Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trans Siberian Orchestra

If you've never seen Trans Siberian Orchestra, and it's not too late for this year, please get yourself a ticket and go. The lights alone are worth the money!!! However, the music is absolutely unbelieveable, incredible, breath-taking, etc., etc. and I totally mean that. There are two different tours, the west and east coast. I'm on the west coast with Anna Phoebe on the electric violin, Angus, Bart, Al Petrelli and his wife Jane, Tommy Farese, et al. There is a story line to the first half, and just great music in the second. Tonight, one of the originators, Paul O'Neill, came out and played a song. He also was standing very near me for part of the show, came over and signed the book of a little girl sitting in front of me and talked to her a sec (I didn't listen) I thought it was sweet. After giving a great performance they always do autographs for everyone who lines up. Nice people, $1 goes to a local charity (this time the food bank here) and the message is positive.

Bart's portrayal and song of a "bum" is moving and brought tears to me eyes, as did several of the vocal performances. The guitars just give me goose bumps.

If you've ever seen the Christmas lights to music video, most likely it was to Wizards In Winter, which is TransSiberian Orchestra. One of the best presenatations out there today.

O.K. Now I have to catch a plane in a few hours. I'm not sure I'll get any sleep first.

Hope everyone has a blessed week.


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Andrea said...

thanks for the blessing!
Same to you! I can't wait to hear about your show!