Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Belated Thanksgiving List

What I am most thankful for...

I'm very thankful that God can forgive me, I need that forgiveness too often.
I'm very thankful for my family. I hope they are thankful for their nutty mom.
My husband who puts up with my antics, my lovely daughter who keeps my hair looking manageable, my middle child and her husband, my son who finally flew a helicopter for the first time (and survived - I'm quite grateful for that) My brother and my sisters and our wacky, but close family. My mom who I can't imagine life without. My dad who taught me how to argue. LOL (JK - love ya dad!) and the rest of my zany, but loveable family.
The family that attends my place of worship with me. They have to think I'm nutty as a fruitcake by now, but they seem to love me anyway. LOL And I love them back.
I'm grateful that I have a job, even though sometimes I wish I could just stay home (don't we all?)
I'm grateful for all of the concerts I've been able to see the last couple of years and all of the great people I've met along the journey.
I'm grateful for Relient K, Melee, Mae, This Providence, Mute Math and the other bands and guys that have been tolerant of me and so good to me as well (yea, Jon Schneck, that definitely includes you! LOL) Did I scare you yet?
I'm grateful for music.
I'm grateful that I have a home, even if I need a shovel to find it lately.
I'm grateful for my eyesight and hearing and I have to admit to worrying about losing both.
I'm grateful that I was able to run into someone truly kind at Office Max who gave me a Zune pull tag for my friend because she was parking her car when they handed them out. I wish I could thank him again not only for being so kind, but for reminding me that there ARE thoughtful people out there.
I'm grateful that I have a 30 gig Zune (now if I can just figure out how to work it I've got it made.)
I'm grateful that I am going to see Relient K/Switchfoot in California, that I will get to visit with my mom and hopefully with my son as well.
I'm grateful for so many things.

God, if I complain again, I probably should be slapped. LOL

Hope you all have much to be thankful for.



Andrea said...

That was so great! I think I should do a list too and I should keep it with me all the time because lately I've been complaining about everything. I've not been dependable of God and you made me realize that. Thank you!
Happy Belated Thanksgiving by the way.

Jen said...

What's a Zune?
(Didn't miss the point, just didn't get that part.)

Melanie said...

A Zune is basically Microsoft's version of an iPod, I think. LOL Anyway, you can put music, movies, photos, etc. on it. The one I have is a 30 gig.

Andrea said...

haha no worries! I just really like reading peoples blogs.I learn things and all. Yes it was so amazing! Hey I heard about the scrapbook. what exactly did u ask ppl for? I was going to give dave a card but i never got to see him. I still have the card.
Oh and did you see my recordings of Jons acoustic show? haha If not, they are on myspace.
when is your show?

Andrea said...

nah its fine!!! well i really wanted to give him that card. It was cute. Im thinking about scanning it. Ill see what I can do and I'll try to send it to you tomorrow cuz I don't have it with me now. Ahh I so wish I could go to that concert again!!! You will have sooo much fun. Although not only the ppl in the mezzanine were boring, I was everyone! haha Including the ppl in the floor...
That until towards the end.

Andrea said...

ahhh I can't do it. my scanner decided to crash. ughhh. oh well.
At least I was part of the goodbye video.
Have fun! I know you will ;]

AJ said...

yay for a thankful heart! enjoy cali. :)