Friday, November 09, 2007

I promise I won't go postal...

Today I was really a little excited because I received two e-mail notices telling me that my Relient K/Switchfoot/Ruth tickets had been shipped. The notices included delivery confirmation info. So, I looked in the wee hours of the morning and they had been delivered to the local post office in the vicinity of 4 a.m. (approx. 10-15 minutes apart.) So I was expecting them both today in the mail. To my disappointment only one of them arrived. So, tonight when I got off work I checked the confirmation information and it says that BOTH packages were delivered this morning. They weren't.

So, if they do not arrive in the morn., there will be a not so happy postal service customer wanting a few answers. This really irritates me because if the ticket isn't delivered, and the post office says it has been (when it hasn't) I will have little recourse to recoup the loss OR at least that is my perception. It's just wrong to mark something delivered that isn't.

Anyway, so really say a prayer that the ticket arrives today. I don't want to have to purchase it twice and really shouldn't be spending so much as it is. :( I'm sure I can get a comp if things go awry, but I don't want to have to. That was the point of purchasing it in the first place.

But I promise... I will try my best to be nice and as Christlike as I can, although the episode with the moneychangers might be the one I most recall. LOL No... I promise I'll behave. LOL


Andrea said...

haha I'll pray! hopefully thy will be there by today. Thats why i like to have them delivered to my email..I just print them and i can do it as many times as i want if i lose it or something. hehe

Melanie said...

Yea, delivered by e-mail wasn't an option with these. LOL The issue was resolved and I didn't have to do anything too drastic. As it turns out, one went to my P.O. Box (which I thought the site wasn't allowing delivery to P.O. Boxes and I changed the address.) Anyway, it went to the P.O. Box so life is good. :) LOL

JENNA! said...

so sad.
I'm praying your ticket will get to you in the morning :D
Relient K/Switchfoot! you gotta love em!
i think you should tell them jenna said hi since i didn't get to see them in dallas :D :D

just realized i didn't look at the date on this and that you got your tickets!!! : D WHOO!!
tell them i say hi :D

Andrea said...

ohh woow. weird! glad u made it and all! haha