Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin)

Shortly before 5 p.m. I jumped into my car and headed for Abravanel Hall to see Chris Tomlin. I made reasonably good time getting there and was able to find a really convenient parking spot right across the street at the Plaza Hotel. When I got to the doors, I really didn't see anyone there yet, which wasn't terribly surprising as it was probably around 6 p.m. and the show started at 7:30. Not too long after I met a group of people and we all went to the ticket office to see if they had restrooms available. When I got back to the doors someone came to the door to work as a volunteer, and I recognized the person that let her in. Then I was let in before doors opened (no big deal really since it was just a few people I knew there anyway) and I chatted for a bit while they got the merch ready for the evening. I tried to find out about cameras. I brought both my good camera and my point and shoot. I was definitely told no on the pro camera, and then no on cameras at all, but then the gal made a comment about the venue policy being no cameras at all, but if the artist was ok and it was just a camera phone or point and shoot.... so then I was just confused. I thought, "o.k. so how am I to know if the artist decides it's ok?" Anyway, I just decided to see if anyone else took pics and watch what happened. So, a few people took flash pics right at the beginning, but I didn't see anyone do anything, so I took a few pics. I was pretty non-sneaky about it. I took about ten or so pics and was told no more, so I put my camera away. So I have a few very bad pics in my photo album with my point and shoot. But at least it's a memory.

I was in Row 5 on the left side of the stage and for the most part had a really good view. Before Chris came onstage, they played an intro video that was kinda cool. It was interactive and responsive. I like interactive things. LOL About 2 songs into Chris' set a few people came in and stood in front of me so I couldn't see quite as well. Sometimes it's the pits being short! But I could see good overall, so I have no real complaints. The music was full of praise and worship which is, of course, a Chris Tomlin speciality. Chris sang Indescribable just before Louie Giglio spoke, and I was happy to hear it as it is a favorite of mine. I know that there are a number of places in scripture where it says that God is incomprehensible, and that song just captures that thought so perfectly that I love it. Also a couple of songs into the set, I noticed that I knew the keyboardist... not well, of course, but we've met a couple of times before. Now, I love meeting up with people I've met before, so I got a little bit excited especially since I had so much fun when he was here with Jason Morant. Silly, I know. LOL I thought of trying to catch up with him at some point, but then went back to getting into the show. I mention this because one of the highlights for me was in the second part of the concert when one of the songs has a prelude that basically is an old song called, "Oh Happy Day." Matt (keyboardist, of course) played the piano and it really did sound good. Later he was cutting up a little on the keyboards and I got a kick out of it. LOL It made me laugh, too. But that was in part two... so I am getting ahead of myself.

Louie spoke on how big God is and gave a rather graphic description (utilizing a golf ball) of the enorminty of the universe and some of the stars that God "breathed out" and how small we are by comparison. Then he went on to talk about what a great miracle we are and finally how God - the God that created this enormous universe and holds all things together will keep us together. He talked about lamanins and showed a diagram and photo. It was pretty incredible since lamanins rather "hold" us together. Check out the definition:

Laminins are the major non-collagenous component of the basal lamina, such as those on which cells of an epithelium sit.[1] They are a family of glycoproteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every animal tissue. Laminins are secreted and incorporated into cell-associated extracellular matrices. They are shaped like a cross."

Did you see the shape? Isn't that cool? The heavens declare the glory of God.. but the message is there even in the smallest details. Who knew? :)

Mr. Giglio spoke about what a miracle we are. He talked about conception and dna, but I was thinking about a time when I did a fertility awareness class and the instructor told us flat out that for conception takes place that so many things had to be just right, that it is a miracle that anyone conceives at all. That comment had a profound impact on me. It was a welcome message. Afterwards, Chris sang Amazing Grace, and the whole audience was singing along. It was spectacular.

Then there was a 15 minute intermission after which we were treated to part 2 of Mr. Tomlin's set. Everything from the lighting to the music to interaction was very well done and I am not at all sorry that I went.

One other thing I'll mention is that I kept running into people who knew who I was and I didn't know them. Now I think I know what artists must feel like sometimes. LOL It was fun getting acquainted and reacquainted with them all, so that added to the evening.

Oh.. afterwards I did try to talk to Matt a bit, and noticed that no one had taken the set list so I asked for it and got it. I love collecting set lists. (Hey, some collect stamps or coins - but I collect set lists.) LOL In case you are wondering, the set was as follows:

Grace, Forever, Let God Arises, Made to Worship, Bless Be Your Name, Indescribable, Holy is the Lord (Louie speaks here) Amazing Grace (then 15 min. intermission), Sing Sing Sing, O Happy Day, How Can I Keep, Famous One, Glory in the Highest, How Great is Our God.

Oh, I almost forgot. Some gals went over to the buses as I was leaving, so I watched. When they were talking to someone I went over and met Jesse with Tomlin's band. He was really nice. I mentioned about Matt and he called him... I didn't really expect him to do that. I hope Matt doesn't think I'm a pest now. I think I must have been trying to get myself in trouble tonight. LOL Anyway, if Matt sees this (unlikely), I'm really sorry if I was a pest... just wanted to chat. Hope y'all are blessed in Denver.

Love, Peace and great worship...



AJ said...

very cute...the diary of melanie's musical musings! :)

so cool to see how God has intricately created us..now if we could only remember that if He has taken such care to handcraft all the details of our bodies so well, how much more will He care for all the details of our lives..thank you, Lord for having compassion on us & remembering our frame that we are but dust..my friend says "butt dust"..a little humor for ya girl! :) keep rockin' for the King! :)

Andrea said...

wooow! sounds very nice!
so u collect set lists huh? are there set lists in all concerts?

Melanie said...

I'd say probably 3/4 of the time there are set lists, although some bands do not use them at all. It just depends. I am really a bit irritated with Daisy. She pulled a set list from a local band off my desk and manged to tear it up a bit. I still have the list, but it's not in too great a shape now. Eisley has the prettiest list. Boyd puts graphics on them in case some fan has them he wanted them to be pretty. LOL I don't remember seeing a set list for The Fold. Relient K has used set lists before. So has Mae. Dave and I are having a talk about set lists. LOL Long story.... ;)

Andrea said...

ur doggy's name is daisy? haha woow!
my friend rebekah named her doggy daisy too!
lol with Dave? haha sounds interesting!
yah i have never seen setlists...but then again Ive only been to a total of 3 concerts since I've been here.

Anonymous said...

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