Sunday, April 22, 2007

Relient K, Mae, Sherwood

I had been looking forward to Friday, April 20 since the end of October. Of course, I didn't know the actual date until mid December, but I was very excited that two of my favorite bands were touring together, Mae & Relient K. When the tour dates were finally announced, I was elated to find that they were indeed stopping in Salt Lake City. I'd been looking forward to it ever since.

So, yesterday, I went to bed too late as usual and Daisy Mae (the dog) and alarm clock had me awake and out of bed by 12:30 p.m. I showered quickly, got my things together for the show, and headed off to my daughter's salon. She was going to go, but had an appointment first, so I dropped her ticket off; and she dried and flat-ironed my hair. It turned out pretty good, I think. :)

I finally left the salon around 2 p.m. and headed for Salt Lake City. I arrived at 2:35 p.m. I was trying to get there before 2:30, but that plan was "derailed" by a long, slow moving train; but I did finally arrive, parked, got my things together again and saw Lauralee pull up beside my car. We headed across the street and into the line. There were two other very excited gals in front of us. So, we waited, and I chatted, and waited and chatted. Then I saw Rob and Jacob and said "hello". I told Rob I had something for him, and he accepted it gratefully and took it back inside the venue before heading off to Starbucks. Then on the return trip we talked again and they posed with people for photographs. I was going to, but the batteries in my camera were dead. I knew they were about gone (the non-rechargeable type) and had recharged ones somewhere, but I didn't want to delay them so I asked if they'd be around after. I think they were around between band sets, but we never connected. But I think they'll be back, so next time. It was good to see them again. I saw Zach a few times as well, but we never really got to talk at all. I said a quick hello to Benji. They kept him pretty busy, I think. :)

Over the course of the afternoon I was able to chat with Hoopes and Jon Schneck briefly. Jon was off to the bookstore. On the way back, I gave him a tee I had for him (a Batman tee). I hope it's not too huge, but when I went to order there were no smalls. I'm o.k. with baggy tees, but not sure they are too much the "in" thing anymore. LOL

After what seemed an eternity, the doors finally opened, I got my photo pass and headed towards the stage. I was looking for someone to find the rules for the camera, but never saw the person I was looking for. I just figured if I couldn't take pics for Sherwood, I'd hear about it. I knew Mae didn't mind, but I hadn't asked them for an actual pass and they have to submit it ahead of time. Next time I'll know. LOL At any rate, I was in front, just to the right of center. It wasn't too bad during Sherwood's set. Sherwood was on the stage at 6:15, and their set seemed all too short. I really enjoyed them quite a bit. I had pre-ordered their new cd, and while I don't know all the words yet, I did recognize some of the music.

After Sherwood, the stage was rearranged and set up for the next band, Mae. Now I am a big fan of Mae, so I was very excited. Apparently so were a lot of other people because the venue became one giant sardine can. It was difficult to even move, except for the bit of jostling that was going on. I was able to get some pics, but most were not real sharp. Afterwards the security guard was getting me the set list and another guy got Dave's attention and since Dave didn't know what the guard was doing just finished taking it off and handed it to the guy. But I did get a photo of it, so I have a copy. LOL Us old people need the reminders, you know. Then it was time for the stage to be set for Relient K.

I tried to get out of the crowd behind the barricade for photos, and the security guard had to pull me out. It took two of them and my knees got stuck on the barricade a couple of times. We are talking seriously packed folks here. LOL

I went to Jon's side of the stage and checked out the lighting. I was having a bit of a difficult time getting co-ordinated and staying out of the way of security. I went to Matty/John Warne's side of the stage once, and felt too much in the way. I thought maybe there was a three song limit because of Tuesday, but wasn't sure. There was another gal there taking pics as well, and I still saw her there on the 4th song, so I stayed. But then I didn't see her a little bit afterward, so I headed back to the far side of the stage. There were other people there, so I thought that was probably about as far as I was going to get unless someone helped me out. No one said anything. At one point a security guy came from behind and thought he wanted me to move back, but then he was just trying to get around me. So, I stayed put. Anyway, I still took a few more photos from there. And I also clapped a bit, sang along to the music and had a great time. Forgiven was definitely amazing to hear live. I also loved RK's rendition of Sloop John B. I actually heard it and Devestation and Reform twice since I could hear them at sound check. In fact, I think that was probably the best show of Relient K's that I'd been to! They actually played a pretty good set, but it was over in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

After the show, I headed for the merch tables and bought a Sherwood tee and had my photo taken with Sherwood. My daughter came to her show with her date, and met me at the merch tables. Her date said that Relient K was good (smart man.) Then they left and we waited so that I could buy a couple of Mae stickers, and I could get Lauralee a tee in exchange for a ticket I bought from her. We finally made it outside, and there was a group of people waiting by the buses. After quite a long while, the security guard went back and told RK about the fans outside, and Dave, Hoopes and eventually Warne came out and talked to everyone. Sherwood hung and talked to people quite a while as well.

All in all it was a really fun night, and I can't wait until next time.

Peace out,

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Marla said...

ahh i love to hear im not the only fan completely in love with that band. nice blog.