Saturday, March 03, 2007

Relient K

In addition to being Friday, which was something I really was ready for, now that I'm back to work, I was looking forward to seeing Relient K on Conan O'Brien when I got home. I had my husband set the DVR for me (because sometimes I mess it up) to be sure that it recorded.

I had to wait until my sleeping beauty of a spouse awoke from his dreamland on the couch to be able to watch, at least without waking him up, but he finally did awaken and fast forwarded to Relient K's performance. That's love for ya. I don't think he really wanted to watch. LOL

Relient K performed their song "Must Have Done Something Right". It was a bit of a sneak preview for me for their concert here on April 20. I was actually wondering how a live performance of the song would sound since the vocals on the recorded version are almost overlapping. I rather liked the arrangement. The "bells" really sounded great. The only complaints I might have would be that some of the vocals didn't seem mixed quite right and one spot where Matty (lead singer) has to stretch a bit vocally. I think he could possibly drop it down a little and it might work, but I'm not a musician so what do I know. LOL Overall, though, it was a great performance and I totally enjoyed it. I can't wait to hear it live! The tv performances are never as good as the "real thing" so it should be really outstanding in concert!!

Oh, and usually Matty looks like a deer in headlights on tv, but last night he totally shined. He meant the song, and it was obvious. His eyes just sparkled like a schoolboy up to mischief or a young man in love. He looked so very happy and relaxed. I got a big kick out of the amp that had "Happy Birthday mom" written all over it. It was so "Relient K". I don't know them all that well, but it was like seeing friends on tv, which is always fun.

Now, if I could just figure out how to use the Pinnacle I bought 3 years ago, I could save it more permanently. LOL

Time to get to the business of Saturday -- what's left of it.


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