Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tis the Season

for weird dreams?

I had another strange dream. I do not plan to turn this blog into Melanie's dream blog, but since I don't often remember them, I thought I'd make a note.

Last night or more like late this morning, I remembered having a weird dream and that it involved Sherwood. Once the I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I began to recall some of the details.

I was at a venue to see Sherwood. Vedera was there. I don't remember them performing, but Kristen was at the back at a merch table. The venue was a lot like "In the Venue" only it was different. It seemed bigger and smaller at the same time. I think because there was only one level instead of two. I recall Sherwood performing and me being front and center at the barricade. It was crowded but not pushy (this is a dream after all.) The stage went across the whole venue, and Nate goes to the far end and I can barely see him and he gets off the stage and sings at the far end to the crowd on the floor. I know the song, but I don't really hear any music - I just know it's playing. Nate gets back on the stage, and I decide to go to the far side of the stage and decide to watch from there. Even I don't know why I am leaving and walking to the side of the stage. Then I am at the merch table. I'm talking to the guys at the merch table, I think, but I can't recall seeing who I'm actually talking to or remember much of the conversation. At one point they are talking about songs they want to do at shows, and they mention a number of them and sing little bits. On at least one song, they get rather silly with it (singing it bad on purpose, etc.) I keep telling them I want to hear Alive, but they don't sing it. Then I remember wanting to talk to Kristen at Vedera's table, but they have packed up and left already. Then the dream switches to outdoors. I see Nate outside, and there is a flatbed trailer with a mattress on it. He tells me that he found the mattress, and it wasn't that great to sleep on. I see that it looks somewhat unevenly worn and tell him it doesn't look too comfortable. Then I am walking down the street. I am in San Franciso, but it really doesn't look like San Francisco. It just looks like a generic city. I am supposed to meet someone. A guy comes up behind me and tells me that his friend would like to borrow my comforter. I tell him that I would, but I am from out of town and there would be no way to exchange it. He says okay and walks on. It's only then that I even notice that I have something like a comforter (more like a small fuzzy dark colored blanket) around me. I keep walking across the street at an intersection. I recall thinking I should use my cell phone to call someone, but I don't think I ever make the call. I walk into a cafe of some sort and vaguely recall something about ordering in bulk. I see a bulk order of whole bananas on the side. At that point, I decide I've had enough and wake up.

The last part of the dream is still rather sketchy and missing lots of detail that I know was in the dream when I was experiencing it. I am not good at remembering dreams, and when I do it is usually just before I wake anyway. It is also quite unusual for me to dream about bands or artists, and more often than not when I do have a dream about a band it is usually in relationship to some concern I have (like getting to the show on time.)

This time around, I think I'll blame it on Sudafed. LOL It does really weird things to my brain. Of course, it wore off long before the dream, but it does interfere with my sleep sometimes. OH, and now I'm hungry, which pretty much explains the cafe. LOL

Soon, I promise, I will post some details (the ones I can remember) about my last few concert ventures. I've just been procrastinating. There are a few things I do well. Procrastination is one of them.

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