Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dreaming the "Bearable"

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I woke up at 8 something or other still pretty groggy and not at all rested. My alarm was set for 9:17 a.m., so I still had another hour to sleep, so I took advantage.

I don't normally remember dreams, although when I'm not sound out crazy dreams are the norm. I blame this on Robert. ;) He daily posts of his vivid dreams.

I'm not clear on why I was in the park, but my husband is studying bears. He has some sort of conflict with his employer over something he's doing and gets fired. He still keeps studying bears. Someone puts out an announcement to look for this guy who is studying bears and using a fishing net. I never do see the net or figure out what that is about. Occasionally I get a glimpse of someone (never actually see a face) working on some sort of test.
I can relate it to being my husband, but he really doesn't look like him at least not from a distance. Occasionally, I see a bear and people reacting to a bear. The bear seems to look mean, but I don't see a lot of facial details again.

Then I see my husband in the parking lot and the guys looking for him are being distracted by an angry bear. So I tell him to get in the car and we have a conversation about it. I tell him that if he keeps studying bears he should alternate cars becaue they'll get suspicious if the see the same car there all of the time. I tell him I plan to get a hotel room so I can change clothes before I go to school.

We leave, and I don't know what happens to my husband after that as he's not in the dream anymore. I stop by my old Jr. High School as I know there is a hotel there. I figure out where the office is and talk to the girl at the desk. She tells me it's $129 a night which I think is kind of high, but go along. My daughter is with me (she doesn't look like my daughter, but I never see any detail to what she really looks like.) It takes a while, and she argues with the person getting the room ready over some sort of cup. Then we go upstairs to our room no. 133. The room is very small, The mattress takes up a good portion of the room, it's mostly clean, but there is a bathtub at the wall, but no toilet. At first I just feel ripped off, but get mad that I can't go to the bathroom. I finally go downstairs and tell them off. I tell them I got the room to change clothes and go poop and there is no toilet and how overpriced they are.

They seem surprised. There is a guy laying on a bed like he is injured and in the hospital when they walk up to look with me. Finally they offer to credit me. The receipt has all kinds of nonsensical notations on it.

As I am starting to leave the first gal at the desk talks to me and asks me about something and wants to know if I am unhappy with her. She says that she got fired. We talk and she is an old friend, Becky. She wants to get her GED. I say, "You haven't done that yet girl"

We finish our conversation and I drift in and out of consciousness as the alarm goes off.

Pretty strange dream.

When I recall a dream, it is not unusual for someone to look totally different, so I know who they are, but really never remember any facial details or recognize any facial details that look like the person I'm dreaming about. I wonder if that's normal? Sometimes I have delusions that I am normal, whatever that means. I'm probably not.

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