Sunday, August 09, 2009

Creation Book III

Thursday morning I was up early again before my phone alarm went off. I got my things organized for the days events and figured out for sure where I wanted to be at what time, but had resigned myself to perhaps seeing Kutless from a long distance in the evening. I was really excited to see Esterlyn at the Fringe stage (2 p.m), as well as Stellar Kart. I was debating whether to stay and see Stellar Kart or head for the main stage so I could get closer for Kutless, et al. Obviously, I opted to stay for Stellar Kart.

I had some bubble gum for Luke (of Esterlyn) and some Lemonheads for Joel, so I hoped to try and catch them early so I wouldn't have to carry them around long. Not long after I arrived, I saw Luke, but I waited as he was on the phone. I saw him several times and he was so focused, he didn't even see me. Finally, I spotted Joel and gave him the gum and lemonheads.

The first band to play the Fringe Stage on Thursday, was a band called Emsely. I believe they were local, and they had won a contest to play there. They weren't bad, but they hadn't really been playing together live all that long, so there were things that needed improvement. I'd like to hear them in another year if they all stay together.

Next up was a band called We As Human. They were pretty good. I was sure I had some great shots.

Finally, it was time for Esterlyn (at 2 p.m.) and I was excited to hear them play. It had been a while. :) I was front and center and totally enjoyed their set. I was sure I had some great pics.

Then I asked if someone could keep an eye on a few of my things and my spot by the stage to go and talk to Luke, et al., and get a photo taken. I went through the line quickly and talked to everyone. Then I ended up buying a really cool light blue Esterlyn tee with a penguin on it. I chatted a bit more, had a photo taken, chatted until they were almost done packing up. Then I headed back to the stage. Stellar Kart, et al, were setting up and getting ready to play. I took photos the whole time. Once Stellar Kart took the stage, they pretty much "hit the ground running" so to speak. They were very animated, and the vocals were good. They did a few movie covers. They asked the audience which cover they should do from a Tom Hanks movie. I shouted That Thing You Do, but they didn't hear me. Then they finally said they guessed no one had heard of it, and I rolled my eyes. Anyway, they then proceeded to play the song even faster than the original. IT was very fast. LOL They also played a sped up, more masculine version of "A Whole New World." The whole set was a lot of fun and at one point one of the guys come out into the crowd. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, I went to buy their cd, and got in line for autographs. I talked briefly with them and moved on and waited to get a pic. Someone volunteered to take a pic for me with them, and she took 2. As I was walking away, I noticed that the pic was only a fuzzy close up of me, and some how the band wasn't even in the photo. Something got messed up somewhere. I was told to just get back in line, but shortly after they ended up having to leave with most of the line still waiting. I was kinda bummed, but it was still all good. :) I thought I had some great pics of them onstage. I had noticed that some of the pics had a greenish hue to them, but didn't yet realize how green or I would have looked for reasons. I did notice later that it was only the photos on manual settings (most of them.)

I can't recall the exact point in time between Esterlyn and Stellar Kart, but I believe it was after Stellar Kart, that I spotted Justin (lead singer) from We As Human at their merch table and started a conversation. I noticed that he had books and bracelets for the "Hands and Feet Project" which is something I support, and got pretty excited about it. He was pretty excited about it as well. Anyway, I totally loved talking to Justin. I bought the book and bracelet, and then felt kinda bad as I was out of cash for a cd.

At any rate, by the time I headed back towards the main stage Disciple was halfway through their set which I could listen to in the background, and was sure I wouldn't be able to get anywhere decent in the pit for the mainstage shows in the evening. When I arrived Family Force 5 had just started, so I watched them through my camera lens, snapping away from a long distance, and took photos of the crowd & scenery. FF5 is a lot of fun. :) I noticed at the end of FF5's set that a good part of the crowd was leaving, so I decided to take a chance and head down towards the stage. I saw two other girls have the same thought as me at the same time. LOL

I actually was able to get to the barricade on the very far right. At that part of the barricade, I barely reach and have to stand on my toes a lot. LOL But it wasn't a bad view. Brian Doerkson led worship and then Greg Laurie spoke. Just shortly after Brian Doerkson started with worship, I noticed the pics were really green and started to try and figure out the reason. Apparently somehow the white balance was changed. Oh well, most of the pics still look good in black & white. After Greg Laurie, it was time for Kutless. By then a few people had stepped back with friends or had left, so I was a little closer. Kutless was really quite good, and they did a more acoustic set that I loved as well. Most of the pics were not terribly sharp, but I got one or two that were passable. Maybe I shouldn't be so picky. LOL

There was some good worship time in there as well, especially when it was time for
Casting Crowns. By then, I had moved up just a little more and had a pretty good view. I can never remember Melody's husband's name (probably because I call him Melody's husband - his fault - that's what he called himself the first time I met him. LOL) I was standing in front of Melody's husband. Casting Crowns was pretty amazing, really. By the end of the night, I was pretty exhausted, though. I picked up a little trash, although not so much as in prior years, and then headed up the hill. Normally I stop at the late night cafe, but I didn't this time. I just wanted to find my tent before the lights went out and get some sleep, hopefully.

It still took me a little bit to see my car and tent, but at least I found the road easily this time, and I made it back before lights out. I put some batteries in the charger and checked my cooler. I had put dry ice in one of the coolers, in hopes things would keep longer, and it was reasonably cold still. I took out some turkey lunchmeat and ate a small piece. The packaging seemed cold enough, but the meat was kinda borderline, so I decided I'd better just toss the rest to be safe. In hindsight, I'm sorry I ate the small piece.

But I was fine for the time being and I prepared for bed, and tried as best I could to get a few hours of sleep. Tomorrow was another busy day.

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